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Reader suggests the two challengers running for Village Council should advance some ideas on what they would do to improve the Village if elected before engaging in mud slinging


Perhaps the two challengers running for Village Council should advance some ideas on what they would do to improve the Village if elected before engaging in mud slinging. There does not appear to be any substance to these two. Mrs. Knudsen and Mr Sedon have served the Village competently and honestly during their term in office. While I don’t agree with them on every issue, they have maintained a level of civility and professionalism that the two challengers completely lack. These two political wannabes are obviously surrogates of the previous Council majority that was essentially run out of town two years ago. Let’s not look back. Vote Knudsen and Sedon.

25 thoughts on “Reader suggests the two challengers running for Village Council should advance some ideas on what they would do to improve the Village if elected before engaging in mud slinging

  1. The fact that this Harwin woman has any support at all should lead to a lot of soul searching for the Mayor and her supporters. Perhaps the most interesting outcome of this election would be if the Mayor and her social media surrogates thought for a minute why so many smart people in town would choose to vote for someone with no experience, no kids in the schools that pretty much just moved into town instead of for the sitting Mayor with a long history in the village. Instead of voting FOR someone these people are clearly voting AGAINST someone. Wouldn’t emotionally mature people reflect on how they should change their behavior in the face of what is already an embarrassing rebuke?

  2. Harwin voters are not smart

  3. YouGottaWonder – what a perfect handle to go with a comment so completely devoid of any logic whatsoever. Look up “rebuke” in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of our previous Council majority. You gotta wonder how dumb Ms. Harwin thinks we all are.

  4. “Harwin voters are not smart” Based on what? I think she would be a breath of fresh air. Her amazing educational background aside, Yale and Harvard, I believe she really wants to help move Ridgewood in the right direction. Her children will be part of the school system before long. Did I mention that she’s a Human Rights attorney? Experience that would be perfect in a diverse community such as Ridgewood. Those that were born and raised here should welcome the fact that somebody who in my opinion is overqualified is willing to take the time to help guide Ridgewood in the right direction.

    Rather than listen to false accusations about her why not go to a meet and greet and meet her? I think people that genuinely want this town to be successful will with an open mind weigh the facts and make an informed decision.

    The insults and immature, hateful comments need to stop, particularly those that can’t back up their words with their name. That’s cyber-bullying imo.

  5. did you really say , “I think she would be a breath of fresh air “

  6. 248 – – why does this supposed “breath of fresh air” rely on cheap attacks? Why hasn’t she disavowed and called out her supporter who wrote the blasphemous letter implying the Catholic Church paid a bribe to a council member? When this “breath of fresh air” steps up to the plate and does that, and if she can give some specifics to her platform rather than sugar coated platitudes, then maybe we could assess her as a real candidate. Right now, she’s a nudge.

  7. She’s a breath of fresh bullshit. Propagated by aronsohn. People support her for her religious background. They know nothing of what they’re actually voting for. So no. They’re not smart.

  8. I will not engage with people who don’t have the courage to even state their name. Cowardly to say the least.

  9. Educational background doesn’t help with local issues. Anyone can get admission in those schools based on their parents alumni status and donations.

  10. 5:19 pm – And your real name is?

  11. The last “breath of fresh air” (Roberta Sonenfeld) turned out to be the train wreck of train wrecks.

  12. Yeah ok “Patricia C”. I smelled this breath of fresh air before and id rather smell a gas station bathroom.

    The last breath of fresh air ended up being a complete disaster. Never again.

    A place of worship should be for praying to your deity, not recruitment for political purposes.

  13. Patriica C – we went to her meeyt and greet. She told us how smart she is and what she does for a living. She took no questions. She left early with aronsohn. She is useless. Case closed.

  14. All of you talking down to Harwin supporters sound just like the people that demean 60 million+ voters that elected your president. If you choose to ignore the message all those voters are sending then your no better than a partisan hack with an email problem.

  15. Harwin has shown she doesn’t have a grasp of the issues in the village. She shows by her alliance with Paul Aronsohn and her subsequent Facebook ads she is no more than a partisan extension of Paul’s betrayal of Ridgewood and the village taxpayers. That she embraces the actions of supporters Rurik Halaby and Jeff Voigt and their allergy to facts and decorum shows she supports their style, tactics, and deception. That her supporter Al Pucciarelli advocates a chilling proposal to ban video coverage of public meetings shows she is unqualified to preserve the rights of taxpayers. Her support and contradictory position on the money-losing garage proposal shows she has no comprehension of municipal budgets, fiscal planning, and tax burdens. That she proudly carries the loud support of ethically disgraced Roberta Sonnenfeld tells voters she is willing to break the rules when it serves her best.

  16. Harwin.
    Civil Rights Attorney.
    Enough Said.

  17. Patty Cuffe

  18. Paul’s vision of turning Ridgewood into Fort Lee will gather momentum if we elect Sacco and Venzetti, er, I mean, Willet and Harwin.

  19. Harwin has not shown that she has any idea of the problems Ridgewood faces. I would think her advisers would have prepared her to answer questions with knowledgeable answers. She seems to be aware of world problems but she cannot do anything to help with them by joining the Ridgewood council. I guess a prompter written by Paul would be a little out of line. That does seem to be the only way she might be able to spout local items by repeating whatever he says.

  20. Just wondering why some anonymous poster just simply put my name as a comment. Very odd and disturbing at the same time. Show your faces!!

    I posted my view in a non-combative way. Nothing but attacks on my post and on other past council members. I am not familiar with all these mayberryish old grudges but really people chill out!

  21. Lol Patty Cuffe, your record on social media is not clean. Also, you creatures need to stop assuming what political party people belong to or which presidential candidate people voted for. This Democrat went to hear what Harwin had to say. She spent half her short speaking time talking about her career as an attorney. She got the couple of local items she addressed wrong and made one up out of the clear blue “breath fresh air.” It was amusing watching Aronsohn grimace as she did. You may be willing to fall over backwards with your legs wide open at the mention of Harvard and Yale, but unless she majored in municipal government, or comes to us with municipal government experience, I could care less.

  22. Wow Laurie such a disgusting response. “Legs wide open” think not…. look in the mirror. Not ” such a good record on social media” ? Please tell. You people are toxic and it’s quite obvious what your political views are. What’s that saying, lie with dogs get up with fleas”… despite the sad story about your immigrant father. Hate to break it to you but we are all children of immigrants. No respect for people that have to post anonymously.
    Grow up! Get a life! Maybe get out of NJ for a bit, gain some perspective on the real world.
    I’m done. I never suffered fools easily. Enjoy your little fits of hatred and cyberbullying. Lol

  23. Patricia C – that’s most definately NOT Laurie. It’s not her writing style at all and I’ve never seen her write anything crude like that.It’s just not the way she does things. No, I think someone else must be disagreeing with you. And, for the record, I think their response is crude and unconstructive.

  24. Patricia C.. the responses to you are from the usual trolls… While the person you mention never fails to say what’s on her mind, she does not read this site and I have yet to see her post anything like what you have referenced. Doesn’t seem to be her composition style either. Lesson learned should be don’t take what is written on here seriously. It’s entertainment.

  25. Anyway – who is going to fix the completely flooded HS field? Didn’t the school admin fix it once already? or twice? and its not done raining

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