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Reader suggests , Tradition of Excellence “is for sale

tradition of excellence

“If extra credit doesn’t matter why offer it. “Quite small” what does that mean? You are not clear.

“Nominal fee” Money of any amount should not be allowed to be used to BUY extra credit. Not even one cent. We are talking about a public school in the United State of America. Isn’t that against the law for public schools in the United States of America. Buying good grades.

Are you teaching kids that they can buy their way into what should be an accomplishment, good grades? A kid who can afford the $20 might earn an A minus instead of a B plus. A kid who cannot afford the $20 could get the B plus. A college looking at grades considers the grades.

“Nominal fee” is infuriating. Some families count every penny. Money, not even one cent, should be permitted for PURCHASE of an improved grade, extra credit.

Because of what you expressed in your letter you should be fired Right Now.

Your values, your attitude, your standards should not be allowed in a public school, Ridgewood High School. ( I am not a parent of a school age child.) I am a longtime resident of this town.
And I thought my school taxes were PURCHASING a TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE. “

16 thoughts on “Reader suggests , Tradition of Excellence “is for sale

  1. Why is Fishbein still employed. He sucks.

  2. This is sad to watch people try to tear down the school and the village just so they can feed their own insatiable outrage appetites. You Clueless Keyboard Warriors can’t be bothered to examine the impact of their lack of critical thinking. They can’t be bothered to see what good happens when our students are spurred to try new things, like stepping forward and supporting fellow students in their endeavors…They can’t be bothered to wonder “what happens if teachers no longer can leverage a couple points of motivation to get kids to attend an event they may not normally attend”. They can’t be bothered to do the math on tiny incentives designed and proven to gain a larger reward. From the loud mouth know nothings on Facebook to the “look at me” mom at the BoE, to the thoughtless posters here- show some basic understanding of the trade the teachers try to make to get your kids to try something new and get their heads out of their phones. What are the consequences of your outrage addiction over a few points that could and do yield growth in a child and therefore the school and therefore our community?

  3. Hey thatisenough: You’ve got some set of balls to suggest that the parent who stepped forward to say that something was wrong shouldn’t have stepped forward. You’re an idiot. Crawl back into your dark cave a******.

  4. If one puts in the extra time and the work it requires to earn something, then they should be rewarded. And if something is wrong it should be brought to the attention of those who can remedy it. “Buying” a better grade is wrong.

  5. Why is the Ridgewood BOE teaching our children that buying credits is acceptable? Should they just buy their way through life? ThatIsEnough, you just don’t get it. You must be a BOE lackey!

  6. Thatisenough–on the contrary, those who disagree with this practice are not trying to “tear down the school”. My motivation is actually to preserve academic integrity. Whether its buying “a few points” to bump up a grade, paying a “consultant” to bribe admissions officers, or pursuing a bogus 504 designation to get an advantage on the SATs, the buying and selling of academic achievement is morally offensive. So yeah–I’m a bit outraged–not so much at the single reported occurrence, but at the people like you who think its just dandy–exactly how our kids should learn to maneuver in the world. Also, not that it really matters, but I do have a teaching background so maybe that’s why I am so disappointed with this practice.

  7. Paying ANY money for ANY–no matter how few– grade points is morally wrong and totally unethical. If students have to be bribed with grade points to do the things that they SHOULD be doing because it is an added educational value is really SICK. Extra points have always been been awarded for extra effort. Paying money for extra credit and not even having to prove they actually went to the event in question is pure bribery. Many of our Ridgewood families can buy anything they want (were any on the unreleased lists of those who bought their child’s college admission?) but that probably means they didn’t even bother to go. For free grade points? Many of our spoiled brats would rush to get in line to purchase–NOT EARN–grade points. Fortunately for Ridgewood and the world, many parents encourage their children to do the right thing. These students are all out-standing in many ways and we are fortunate to have them. And we are also very fortunate to have parents who will stand up to the almost guaranteed nasty pay-back and state when they see something that is not correct. The School Board should actually be happy to have something other than: “Poor–name– is being picked on by his teacher and the teacher just won’t–select one or more–give him a good grade, let him be a starter in sports, not send him to detention, etc. etc. This attitude has been around for years but it’s getting considerably worse now. And buying grades is just a result of that–the teacher can raise any purchasers’s grade to please the parents while not requiring any effort being put into it.

  8. And these people who fired up the outrage engine prove my point. No one is buying anything in what the RHS case. They bought a ticket to an event. A real event. They then had to bring that ticket to get a couple points out of hundreds and hundreds of points that form a quarterly grade. Your ingorance is appalling. Go ahead and make whatever false equivalency you want, you are wrong. If you want to argue extra credit should be eliminated, then take a stand and go before the BoE.

  9. The BOE is unresponsive and lacks transparency ThatIsEnough… they are just covering their own asses all the time, it’s not inspired leadership, or a best practice educational model. Why are you apologizing for this slow motion train wreck?

  10. I agree with THATISENOUGH. This is such ignorance talking. Students aren’t being coddled and teachers are not selling off grades. It is just a nice gesture that helps out charities and fundraising events. The extra credit is offered to the whole class and if one can’t afford to buy a ticket, the school provides one to that student. No one is cheating or unfairly favored. The teachers and the students work very hard and there is no vast scheme to undercut the integrity of the system. You people would be up in arms if a student brought in an apple to the teacher at the start of the day and was unfairly favored with a smile. There are some big issues in our schools like the fact that almost 40% of school children have to make do with only one meal a day. Or how about the threat of guns in the classroom. Please get involved with real issues and not this absurd posturing on a nonissue such as this one.


  12. I think the point is clearly being missed here. It was less about the purchase but more about one student being told she couldn’t actually do the hard work for extra credit and the next day offering extra credit for a fee. It then became about the money


    Yes, what was it? Why did the teacher consider the students so virtuous for attending it that extra points were awarded?

  14. Apparently, the event in question is run by “Bergen” Magazine and is called “BergenFest” (not to be confused with the annual music festival in Bergen, a city and municipality on the west coast of Norway). Looks like one big marketing or networking event for the individuals and organizations/companies involved. Why RHS needs to be pushing students to purchase admission tickets to such an event for the “nominal” fee of $20, as Principal Gorman puts it, has yet to be explained. Others have suggested that the teacher in question and Principal Gorman are related. Is that why this issue seems to be being finessed rather than dealt with in a recognizably forthright manner?

  15. Why did Tom Gorman not take care of this when it was brought to his attention? Policy Could have been addressed and moved forward. A leader that lacks ethics should not be leading RHS. And why is he allowed to hire teachers that are related to him?

  16. One comment from above stated that “If a student couldn’t afford a ticket , he/she would be supplied one.” That would be the ideal if the occasion being offered was a field trip, class trip to another town or monument, etc. but do you personally KNOW that is what would occur? Or you just suggesting what would be the ideal way to handle this situation? Since the situation should never have been allowed to occur, even if kids that couldn’t/wouldn’t pay were provided a free ticket. Selling grade points is still terribly wrong. Earning them by completing a special, not assigned to the entire class, assignment is worth points. Spending money is buying extra points, no matter “how little compared to the amount that students can earn in a reg. qtr.”–thanks to the Superintendant’s quote. And no matter that “$20 is not a great amount.” same source.

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