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Reader suggests ways to improve the Ridgewood Commute

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First – add the damn spaces at the train station right away. What is the delay???

Next – cancel the garage. Repave that lot and re-stripe it, reduce the access~egress curb cuts to just one or two. This will add a ton of spaces.

Next – reduce the cost of commuter parking passes. It is ridiculously high now (but not as high as Voigt had suggested when he laughingly said it should be $1500 because the people in Ridgewood could afford it).

Next – put parking at the lot behind Ben and Jerry’s where that old garage was. Plenty of space there and only a two block walk to the train station.

Next – make the meters stop at 6 PM once again. 8 PM is way too late. Also, please have FREE parking on Saturdays throughout the year.

15 thoughts on “Reader suggests ways to improve the Ridgewood Commute

  1. Amen my friend. We don’t need a garage. Reconfigure the lots and get the meters back to 6PM.

  2. Next – make the meters stop at 6 PM once again. 8 PM is way too late. Also, please have FREE parking on Saturdays throughout the year.

    Didn’t you read the Walker Report?
    Longer meter times.
    Higher meter rates.
    Still won’t pay for parking deck.

  3. AGREE we this type of real world thinking on a citizens committee that has to give final approval to our failed local government VC decisions.They lost all trust.a fact.

    RE LINED IN 90 days ..A FACT .what we have now is fiction
    with a huge invoice due each day .look at the 2019 parking rates and restrictions…a complete scandal…RIPOFF

  5. 5 for 5. I expect only 1 of five has a chance to make it in 2019.

  6. Required meter rates once debt service payments are need to be made will hurt the most downtown commercial business, except a few restaurants near the garage. Serious concern taxpayers will end up paying for garage
    Cancel the garage.

  7. Yes – Walker report outlined the poor fiscal model of the garage. Council is hoping the meters do not have to increase by $.50 per hour next January when interest payments on debt are due. Need better fiscal stewards on the council.

  8. Start by cancelling the raised Garage and determine how a no confidence vote can be made to remove the entire VC and replace by an emergency government Interim body then call for a new emergency election.START OVER.An unhappy start to the new year.other option is to let the. sink the whole town for next 30 years or just yawn and move sell homes and throw the towel in.taxes and expenditures just for schools is unsustainable..110 Million..per year !

  9. I would strongly support a No Confidence vote for this VC and with it also get rid of the village manager which has proven to be incompetent. Everything they’re doing is at odds with interests of residents.

  10. given you have a sitting councilmen who calls residents “douche bags” from the dais , I think he would need to be removed first

  11. The residents pleaded and voted for this VC, and threw the other candidates under the bus, now you are all betraying the people you voted for. Shame on the people that didn’t come out to vote. We told you this s was coming

  12. As we head into the winters dark months let’s really bitch about the many things that are bothering us with the towns services and building boondoggles..garages many are general in nature..some days the taxpayers have to agree that our town leadership generally does not really care at all what the highly taxed citizens property owners think.I guess we could go to the village meetings and get told that our time has been exceeded ..
    .( they don’t care).that is what is really bothering most of us..

  13. Tis the seasons of our discontent.Town Leaders could care less.There are never any consequences for them . Library is well run and is customer focussed.Lets elect those
    mid level managers to the towns leadership positions.Can only improve from current
    results and ongoing issues , destruction of the train parking lot is the last straw for many of us.

  14. Just four years ago a resident RW parking pass was 700. it jumped to $1,000 two years ago. and Up ANOTHER 30% now is a whopping $1,300/year. That’s an EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT increase for the pleasure of simply parking your car at an over crowded lot if you can find a space. Not to mention the abhorrent state of NJ Transit

    Squeezing you’re already over taxed residents because of over bloated and mis-manged budgets and over paid local officials is OUTRAGEOUS.

    SHAME on the the Village council.

    I for one have refused to re-up my permit

  15. Just build the darned parking garage already!!! It is not going to “destroy” our town by attracting the “undesirables” from nearby towns. Commuter parking is a joke with that ridiculously small parking lot and downtown shopper’s parking is shameful. Ridgewood is stuck in the 50’s when each family had only one car that Daddy drove to work every day while Mommy stayed home vacuuming in pearls.

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