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Reader unloads on Candidate Paul Aronsohn

Reader unloads on Candidate Paul Aronsohn

It is an absolute truth that Paul Aonsohn told residents to vote for him and not for Gwen and Al. People have been talking about bullet voting for Killion and Shinozuka he said ” you can vote for me and not Gwen and Al”. This happened right after his pathetic debate endorsement of Hauck and Puciarelli. Before anyone even left the room. Paul knows many people have been talking about bullet voting and he is making every attempt at damage control.

So he told people they could also choose to vote for him, keith and Jane. Aronsohn is playing both sides of this and people are seeing what he really is. Hopefully the election tomorrow will result in a farewell to this two-faced, backstabbing, bully and liar who has misrepresented everything he has done or failed to do as a councilman for four years.

How dare he walk around and talk about his support for the library when he rarely to never even bothered to attend meetings!
How dare Aronsohn talk about revitalizing downtown! Where has he been for four years? Hasn’t he been the council liaison to Chamber?

How he dare he attack another candidate for supposedly being “dissed” over a polite email exchange. How old is Paul Aronsohn? What is he a 13-year-old girl? Yes, Jane teaches CCD with Marie Aronshohn. So while the ladies are teaching the commandments “thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor”, Aronsohn is doing just that with his disgusting and disgraceful lies. What a jerk.

Now the bitter frosting on the vitriolic cake: How dare Aronsohn compromise the Jamboree Scholarship Foundation to advance his candidacy? He used the Jamoboree (social) email list to advance his candidacy and many people are disgusted. Paul Aronsohn is a disgrace and should never be permitted to sit with our fine elected officials again. Please bullet for Killion and Shinizouka.

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11 thoughts on “Reader unloads on Candidate Paul Aronsohn

  1. Shades of the May 2010 council election!

    Use of the email list of any organization that accepts tax-exempt donations under 501(c)(3) for anything remotely related to political purposes, including municipal elections, violates federal tax law and could lead to an investigation, fines, and/or the loss of tax-exempt status.

    “The Jamboree Scholarship Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) qualified charity and all contributions are tax deductible.”

    Aronsohn’s CV says his undergraduate degree is in political communications. (That’s a major?) Did he skip class that day?

    Jamboree officers might consider sending a follow-up message to the full Jamboree email list stating that the Aronsohn campaign message could damage Jamboree’s tax-exempt status and should be disregarded?

  2. Shades of the recent school board election too, for that matter! Didn’t a certain candidate for a seat there also do something quite similar involving the mailing list of a tax-exempt group??

    It is just another example of the many tactics Mr. Aronsohn has tried to use with just about everything for quite some time now. Some have become much more apparent recently – but tactics are what he’s about. His agenda is him — and only him.

    It almost seems bipolar – but it’s not– it’s self-centered, tactics-laden politics — lotsa form, and not much real substance except to attack anyone and anything he perceives stands in his way. Divide and conquer, attack dog style politics- with all the hype, spin and other baloney that go with it. Sound familiar?

    At least to me, that’s not what we need in local government here at all- and most especially right now. We need to work together and focus on real solutions — without all the noise of endless posturing, grandstanding and politics.

    I hope enough people see him for what he is and vote accordingly. If they do, he will not be on the VC much longer.

  3. I thought Jamboree was for all students not just those of the people in Jamboree. I’m really confused and upset. Why would Nicki Ann Bussanich do something like this?? This just smells all the way around and I’m as upset as everyone else.

  4. Moments ago, after a long day at work I sat down to review my personal emails, check school info and sports emails, kids schedule, etc. In the mix was an email from Brian Abdoo who I know from a number of sports programs my kids are involved in. I began reading the Abdoo’s endorsement of candidates, Aronsohn, Hauck and Puciarelli. The more I read the sicker I became. Abdoo has thoroughly disgusted me with his hypocritical rhetoric.

    From 2009-2010 Brian Abdoo repeatedly endorsed the multi-million dollar controversial turf projects at Stadium and Stevens fields. As we all know the turf has been an unmitigated disaster resulting in Ridgewood Taxpayers incurring the burden of costly repairs.

    Now, this same Brian Abdoo wants to express concern over taxes? He attempts to peddle Paul Aronsohn’s gimmicky zero based budgeting. Even my 6th grader understands built-in inherent cost increases. Abdoo states he wants more transparency and Village Council should “open the books”. The fact that Brian Abdoo is ignorant should not persuade anyone to his argument. Brian, the books are open. They are a matter of public record and are available for anyone to review. Brian, feel free to visit APP DataUniverse if there is anything you need to know. However, Mr. Abdoo, while doing your research you likely will not find the value of your candidate Aronsohn’s health care costs, at village taxpayer expense, for the past four years. Mr. Abdoo, while Mr. Aronsohn is busy telling you he wants to help Ridgewood Taxpayers, he has been busy helping himself for four years
    Brian Abdoo proceeds to attack our police and firemen, attacking their salary and benefits. If this is such a concern why on earth would he support Aronsohn who voted for each and every raise, and contract , pertaining to the police & fire department. Maybe he prefers regionalized police and fire departments like Hauck and Puciarelli. Hauck announced the savings for each village taxpayer during the debate: a whopping $ 285 each! For that money I will sleep better at night with Village police and firemen.

    Abdoo professes the revitalization of Ridgewood downtown and how committed each of his threesome is to this goal. Mr. Abdoo, Paul Aronsohn is the Council liaison to the Chamber of Commerce. What has he been doing for the past four years? Shopping at the mall? And Hauck and Puciarelli prefer a more urbanized Ridgewood. If they want urbanization let them move to Hoboken.

    Best for last, Abdoo states each of these candidates is committed to helping Valley and residents to negotiate a compromise to allow for expansion. For goodness sake, Brian, where has Al Puciarelli been? He has been a member of the planning board forever. Hauck didn’t speak of compromise when she endorsed the massive expansion, as is, over and over again. Valley Hospital is not interested in compromise. The only time that was suggested by Valley was at the last Village Council hearing. Audrey Meyers, seeing the writing on the wall, begged council to hold off their vote so Valley could develop a compromise. Seriously, where was the compromise for six years?

    Mr. Abdoo, reconsider and bullet for Killion and Shinizuka before we are in another turf-like drowning mess attributable to the likes of you.

  5. I was told that jamboree scholarships only go to children of jamboree players. It is not open to all students. i have had kids go through the hs and have never seen a jamboree scholarship application.

  6. Jamboree scholarships are absolutely awarded to both Jamboree and non-Jamboree students. And the application is part of the Local Scholarship Booklet which is available to every RHS senior. I believe the scholarships are partly need-based so maybe your little darlings didn’t qualify?

  7. So be in Jamboree, buy an ad then run for office and use the mailing list. Ok I got it now.

  8. Jamboree has been had. Either willingly or unwillingly. Aronsohn is a snake. Be careful people.

  9. Albert Pucciarelli’s recent marriage brought RHS students into his household from Midland Park. He has been heard to talk about joining Jamboree. Why would that be, one wonders? Ah–votes!!!!!!! Jamboree families, DO NOT BE FOOLED.

  10. How can he possibly join Jamboree? He is the only person in town with a full time job. Clearly he and his ego are way too busy for such frivoloty.

  11. 7:54 AM, three years and five months ago: In a private conversation with me in September 2009, on her own front porch, with no one else present except her Golden Retriever, Annie Zusy warned me against her fellow council member P. Aronsohn, calling him precisely that: “a snake.” Since she is deceased, I have no qualms about revealing what she said. And she didn’t say it was confidential anyway.

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