Reader unloads on Candidate Paul Aronsohn

It is an absolute truth that Paul Aonsohn told residents to vote for him and not for Gwen and Al. People have been talking about bullet voting for Killion and Shinozuka he said ” you can vote for me and not Gwen and Al”. This happened right after his pathetic debate endorsement of Hauck and Puciarelli. Before anyone even left the room. Paul knows many people have been talking about bullet voting and he is making every attempt at damage control.

So he told people they could also choose to vote for him, keith and Jane. Aronsohn is playing both sides of this and people are seeing what he really is. Hopefully the election tomorrow will result in a farewell to this two-faced, backstabbing, bully and liar who has misrepresented everything he has done or failed to do as a councilman for four years.

How dare he walk around and talk about his support for the library when he rarely to never even bothered to attend meetings!
How dare Aronsohn talk about revitalizing downtown! Where has he been for four years? Hasn’t he been the council liaison to Chamber?

How he dare he attack another candidate for supposedly being “dissed” over a polite email exchange. How old is Paul Aronsohn? What is he a 13-year-old girl? Yes, Jane teaches CCD with Marie Aronshohn. So while the ladies are teaching the commandments “thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor”, Aronsohn is doing just that with his disgusting and disgraceful lies. What a jerk.

Now the bitter frosting on the vitriolic cake: How dare Aronsohn compromise the Jamboree Scholarship Foundation to advance his candidacy? He used the Jamoboree (social) email list to advance his candidacy and many people are disgusted. Paul Aronsohn is a disgrace and should never be permitted to sit with our fine elected officials again. Please bullet for Killion and Shinizouka.

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