I never ever read such bullshit regarding the sheep. I frequently visit the village with my family to go out to eat . Did you ever try walking through this so I walk on broad in Ridgewood talk about fighting through way too many tables so I’m Broad Street to get to Ridgewood Avenue come on, someone’s barking up the wrong tree regarding the sheep there’s more foot traffic on the east side versus the Westside someone has their head up there Ass , Or the sheep’s ass.

Tables, walls, dogs sitting under the table, heat lamps at steel wheel, baby carriages, bench in front of the bagel store, and flowers, pumpkins, firewood, Christmas trees inverting of while foods, stop and shop and kings…and Adirondack chairs at back yard store, 30 kids in front of rite aid… And we are suddenly worried about a soft sheep… Haha but sad.