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Readers ask was there any unlawful pillow talk?

The most important question is whether any laws beside adultery were violated. They served on the Village Council together for 4 years. Was there any unlawful pillow talk? Did they conspire as a 2 person team to defraud taxpayers in any way? Our current local government administration should request a full investigation by the BCPO’s Office or the State AG’s office.

It’s Gwenn and Paul. This is old news. But begs the question of should the public have been informed of the personal relationship. I mean their votes would be the same right.

24 thoughts on “Readers ask was there any unlawful pillow talk?

  1. Was this adulterous & scandalous affair in any way facilitated by our tax dollars? Hotel rooms while conducting supposed Village business away from home maybe? Burner cell phones billed to taxpayers in order to cover their tracks. Full investigation is warranted; let’s get to it Ramon.

  2. Well, if Paul Aronsohn was fooling around with another elected official while they were both in office, then I am thinking the ETHICS violation that the State already has against him (and Roberta) is only the tip of the nasty iceberg.

  3. Was he tapping Roberta and Harwin too? What a guy!

  4. I hope that Joseph Walsh isn’t asleep at the switch.

  5. A lot of husbands are now checking their security camera downloads. More sex tapes coming soon.

  6. Hmm. Seems like he prefers banging the goyim women? Oy vey!

  7. I really don’t think that the sender of the “Oy vey!” has any idea that he/she just put themselves in the same position as Sheriff Saudino. Casual racist or anti any religious group talk is no longer automatically accepted and is actually against the law!

  8. the sheriff was not causal he was a nasty Pr$ck, there is a big difference

  9. Is this the reason why the old guy has stopped speaking at the council meetings? He may be super unhappy.

  10. Aronsohn is Mr. Civility, Remember the civility meetings he started. Gwenn was his assistant. Writing civility rules on the board that was set up.
    Aronsohn was saying he wanted “a new normal.”

  11. My god, the Hauck-Aronsohn team is the gift that just keeps on giving

  12. I guess his “new normal” involved putting his prick into someone else’s wife.

  13. Sadly, the married daughter of the alleged female adulterer lives directly across the street from the alleged male adulterer.

    What a nightmare; having to see the man who broke up your parents’ marriage almost every day.

  14. Quite literally two of the most disgusting, vile lying sacks of shit. The posturing and fake personas is just appalling. Not taking into account the visual of those 2 going at it…good lord.

  15. If this is true, it’s the happiest recent day of my life.

  16. “…and the love of my life, my wife, Marie.”

    Hey, everybody in that family: we’ve had enough. Go back where you came from and let Ridgewood alone.

  17. It would be helpful to see posting times again so that people could reply to a specific post, since everybody in town has the same name…or barring that, number the comments, the way it used to be at the beginning. Possible, PJ?

  18. If you have made a resolution to lose weight, you can use the image of these two in bed to kill your appetite.

  19. The collusion bothers me a lot more than the sex part! Could not care less.

  20. No quickies, though. Restoring her hair and makeup before reappearing in public would take at least an hour. He doesn’t have enough hair to worry about.

    Rurik, Roberta, Hans the Nazi-blog-accuser, Jan the I’m-more-ethical-and-moral-than you, and all the rest who attacked honest council members: what do you think of your ethical and moral leaders now?

    Well, other readers can watch, imagine, deplore, puke, and/or get off on the bedroom-related shenanigans. More important: can every vote in which they both participated be nullified?

  21. A “goyim woman” is a shiksa, toward whom his proclivities are clear. Preferably dyed blond–that’s important.

  22. Like the rest of us, public figures need to keep their act clean.
    Some definitions can help focus the mind.
    Celibacy=The state of being single (a.k.a., unmarried).
    Chastity=The state of avoiding committing sexually perverse or impure acts, whether one is married or celibate (single).
    Continent=Stable in terms of holding
    back from “the licit gratifications of marriage”, whether one is married or single (celibate).
    The word “celibacy” is often mistakenly used to mean “a person that does not have sex”.  This is incorrect – celibacy means to NOT BE MARRIED.
    Chastity means to observe all laws relating to sexual purity given one’s state in life.  So, married people are called to chastity within their marriage, even if they are having sex, because sex between married persons is obviously not sinful or against the law.
    Finally, the word “continence”. 
    Continence means to abstain or “hold back” from “the licit gratifications of marriage”, that is, sex.  So, for example, a person can be non-celibate, that is, married, but live in continence with their spouse, that is, abstaining from sex. Or, a person can be celibate (single), and maturely exercise continence by refusing to act out sexually.

  23. You enjoy visualizing or watching the tapes. I’m enjoying picturing Thanksgiving and Christmas. They can have turkey dinners at a diner over a fine glass of Pepsi.

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