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Readers ask ,” What part of this equation don’t you understand? “

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What part of this equation don’t you understand?
Employees are not parking any further away. The empty spots are a direct result of the increased meter rates. any merchant in town can tell you how bad the numbers are of late. We understand that the social gadflys are aghast at the sight of a parking garage and the above article tries to float the issue without directly addressing it. Cute. Boneheaded move for the village as usual as they simply drove all the customers away. Lots of options out there and Downtown Ridgewood is not one of them.

The merchants I’ve spoken with in the Broad Street area have said business is off since the kiosks came in. In my experience, I see drivers u-turning all over the place into and out of spots – in front of cops, to boot. Safety has dropped below meter revenue & leaf fines in priorities of the VH and police department.

7 thoughts on “Readers ask ,” What part of this equation don’t you understand? “

  1. The leaf tickets are the biggest joke, do they really think that that is an important job. What bullshit !

  2. 1) I will NEVER use a parking kiosk
    2) I will NEVER use the parking garage.

  3. Why are they issuing leaf tickets now. I could see at the last round of pick up. Talk about desperate move to make money. Very sad .and not right. You can kiss my ass , I will blow my leaves out when ever I like. What a brilliant move on the top to think this’s is the way to run leaf pick up.

  4. Face it – the town is broke and everyone seems to know it but the BOE. $80 million for windows and a big fat raise for teachers. That’s a lot of leaf tickets.

  5. planet Ponzi soak the Rubes..they are the asses that invested in the town and their homes and payed Epic taxes..they see leaves as dollars from heaven…into their
    mismanaged pockets ..landscapers can haul all of them away when they all fall during one week of rain or winds

  6. 80 mill is just the Ante VIG…legalized Mafia

    souths calling all chumps plenty of takers

    who benefits realtors bankers and lawyers and tank removal contractors

    everyone is getting out now with half ass intact

  7. If I can get equal or better service in Glen Rock for free, why would I want to add extra dollars (parking rate, plus extra for credit cards, and credit card fees) to my purchase? (Not counting that I don’t have a smart phone to reserve my parking spot.)

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