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Readers Debate $111 Million School Budget Vote


“We forfeit the right to vote on any budget within the annual state caps. That is not the same as “completely losing the right to vote on the budget.” You lose the chance to vote on budgets with small increases. Is the budget more than a 2% increase? Then we vote even if we move the election. When was the last budget voted down? What happened then? The council removed the cost of two May elections ($100k) from the budget and sent it back to the BOE. More voters = more voices = greater representation of the community. Why are you Mayday voters so afraid to have more people vote for BOE?”


“Its same as completely losing the right, the past process without vote didn’t seek residential inputs and ignored calls to correct glaring gaps, this time due to budget vote the process was more transparent, so it’s not just ‘when was the budget voted down’, someone will leave the town to be just run by elected officials without resident oversight, either if they are naive, indifferent or part of the gravy chain”

5 thoughts on “Readers Debate $111 Million School Budget Vote

  1. Aditya is right.

  2. .
    It just doesn’t matter,
    Since we will pay
    Because we are
    …(wait for it)…
    RICH and STUPID>/b>

  3. Ha!
    Could not agree more anon…Rich AND Stupid.
    And every employee at the BOE and Village Hall knows it.
    It’s been going on for years.

  4. If everyone votes yes, anyway… That’s the same as moving the vote to November as long as the increase is under 2%…. Right. So what’s the point.

    If you vote no in April, 80% if not more of the budget is non negotiable : state required cirriculum, salary, benefits… And little can be really changed even with the help of the VC

    If you want the right to vote… And continue to make a point about April, then you better exercise your right to vote. A 14% voter turnout is terrible. Foot in mouth disease.

  5. it’s tax payer money they have the right to vote or not vote ,its not like public education does not waste huge amount of money , you can not even fix a toilet in Ridgewood for $50 grand

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