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Readers Not Buying Village Managers “Defense” of Healthbarn

Habernickel Park Gate House

On many occasions Healthbarn has more then 1 large school bus coming in for field trips all the while other programs are going on. With all the cameras around the house and parking lot I am sure Heather can see them. So should we assume she doesn’t know the difference between small and large buses? What about the charted buses that seem to come 2X a year? Playing it dumb doesn’t really work when your talking about a neighborhoods quality of life!!! Saying a employee lives in the neighborhood is a huge stretch too. what’s wrong is the fact that the Village Manager seems to be protecting Healthbarn not the tax payers who pays her? Did Heather come and collect her zucchini for protecting Healthbarn? Does any village employee want the house across the street from them turned into a for profit business? Because that’s what happened in our neighborhood so lying to everyone is seriously criminal!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Readers Not Buying Village Managers “Defense” of Healthbarn

  1. No one who has given even an hours worth of research or interest is buying it. The town is ignoring a serious situation

  2. What the town is allowing is an individual to make a lot of money off of the use of a public park that Ridgewood tax payers maintain. Many neighboring children go elsewhere now to hang out or have a pick up game. This property has turned into a rental hall for birthday parties and adult gatherings that allow alcohol. This is not the educational/recreational genre that was told to the neighborhood. The village needs to wake up and protect ALL the tax payers in Ridgewood

  3. Can you say dirty politics.

  4. Totally disagree inflating facts.
    Kids are getting and education and exercise at the field. You want to deny these kids. Shame on everyone. And healthbarn at least gives back revenue ro the town unlike schedler. Healthbarn …is nationally recognized this is a positive situation and those residents that moved in afterwards should have realized what they were getting into. The alcohol, needs to be reviewed not sure if the liabilities

  5. 4::46. You need the facts. Healthbarn only pays rent. The business is charging customers to use the fields when it is a public park and should be free for all. None of the neighbors new or old had any idea what was coming or what hit them. Past council and village manager did it all under the radar. Because of all the neighborhood concern 20 plus people the council had to actually follow the law and the start date of the business was pushed 3 months because of the concerned tax payers otherwise the council was ready to let it in without a lease or guidelines. Not that it matters because the lease is not enforced anyway

  6. Funny how a lot of us knew instantly that this was going to be a nightmare.

  7. What does Stacy know? Get it out of the woodwork and close that place down. There is no excuse for its existence in Ridgewood. We taxpayers are fully supporting a non-profit (ha Ha Ha. Take that lie to the bank.) business. Why on public property? The whole park has been turned over to this business and residents can no longer use it. The lease has been and is being constantly violated. Would the council like a town member to come and read it to them? It must be written in a language none of them understand for it to be allowed to violate it so constantly.

  8. I am very confused. RHS sports teams have to pay to use fields if we hold a summer camp. Why doesn’t Healthbarn have to pay?? It’s a town park. Doesn’t seem right.

  9. You mean WHO does Stacy know

  10. Fact: Healthbarn is a for profit business in a green acres park maintained by tax payers of Ridgewood
    Schedler will also be maintained by tax payers of Ridgewood……however it’s sole purpose is to be used by residents to play sports or to enjoy as a park!!!
    Unlike Habernickle Park who now shares the Park with a business who is getting free maintenance services along with profiting off of our neighborhood park!!
    Do you see the problem now??? Just because it’s not in your neighborhood doesn’t mean it isn’t costing you money….all for a nonresident to get rich off of us!!!

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