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Readers say Morristown Memorial Hospital Decision suggest Valley should be paying taxes in Ridgewood


Morristown Medical Center should pay property taxes on virtually all of its 40-acre property in town, a tax court judge ruled Friday in a decision closely watched by other hospitals across New Jersey.

Based on the recent ruling by a tax judge regarding Morristown Memorial Hospital and paying taxes on the property they own in that town, why should Valley continue not paying taxes in Ridgewood ? How is Valley not paying taxes on all of their properties “serving Ridgewood?”

This is just what Valley did not want to hear…and what we’ve been clamoring about for years based on Valley’s behavior. Ridgewood should use this ruling as leverage to convince Valley to drop it’s current lawsuit and adjust it’s growth plans to something reasonable based on its footprint in a heavily residential area.

Can you imagine how much this town would have benefited from Valley paying even a quarter of what they could have over the years ? Instead, they’ve decided to bite the hand that has fed them and file suit.Two words: greed and arrogance.

7 thoughts on “Readers say Morristown Memorial Hospital Decision suggest Valley should be paying taxes in Ridgewood

  1. Time to pay for Municipal services consumed by Valley Hospital including police, fire and keeping the streets around Valley free of snow, leaves, etc. If they can afford to pay their CEO $2 million per year as a not-for-profit then they can certainly afford Village property taxes or a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT). Shame Ms. Hauck never leveraged her relationship with Valkey to push for this, that’s a missed opportunity

  2. Based on Valley’s assessment of $184,103,600 that would indicate annual real estate taxes of $4,390,871. Cha Ching!

  3. Gee, you could help pave a couple of streets with that ! And they’re suing !

  4. Thanks 10:13, that’s 10% of the Village’s annual budget that they effectively get for free, doesn’t seem fair that they consume Village services yet pay nothing

  5. Why are Village taxpayers subsiding Valley to the tune of $4mn+ a year when they pay their CEO $2 million a year?

  6. The idea of a PILOT from Valley was proposed by the FAC in 2012 yet the Village has done nothing, and in the meantime Valley sued us. The Council better be paying attention to this Morristown ruling. It’s time to go after Valley. This is real money here – over $4mn a year in property taxes – yet all we get is sniping about hiring an HR person who will make the Village more efficient. Wakey wakey!

  7. A PILOT program has been discussed and quickly pushed under the table several times. Perhaps a lawsuit directed at Valley would do the trick?
    I am not anti-Valley (I prefer a modified, reasonable expansion, including locations on Rte 17NS). I believe Valley is an important part of our community. But I have never quite understood how they can be classified as a non-profit. To be fair, I think to expect them to pay +$4mio in taxes is aggressive. But clearly they are a consumer of Village services? Clearly “we” subsidize their activities through our own taxes. So there must be a compromise somewhere, i.e. the PILOT program.
    I don’t like the idea of another lawsuit. It’s not productive. But the fact that Valley is suing the Village absolutely dips into our pockets, as the VOR has to pay legal fees. So where does it end? Regardless of where you stand on the Valley Expansion, I think it is reasonable to expect Valley to pay its fair share for the use of Village services.

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