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Readers say Time to Reexamine Turf Fields ?


photo by Boyd Loving

Readers say Time to Reexamine Turf Fields ?

6 storms in 4 short years…so much for the 100-year storm hooey.

Do you have the repairs costs as well…?

Mother Nature keeps mastering the Master Plan.

Thee field was put in during summer 2010. We’ve had floods worth remembering on:

– October 1, 2010 (there was wrinkling of the carpet then and in all the other events below)
– March 8, 2011
– April 17, 2011
– Jun 23, 2011 (graduation)
– August 29, 2011 (Irene)
-August 1, 2014

Sandy didn’t cause a lot of flooding. It was more of a wind event

We’ve had minor flooding many other times, but not to the scale above

2 thoughts on “Readers say Time to Reexamine Turf Fields ?

  1. Why did R17 flood last Friday…?

    It rained hard for 20 maybe 30 minutes.

    Me thinks that something is not working properly upstream…..

  2. It’s time to pull the plug on our turf fields. The locations are not conducive to turf material. With the over $100,000 in repairs we could take that money to go back to grass. The money we have spent in fixing each if these damaged episodes could have been used for another employee or two in our maintenance dept which is short employees (our town’s landscape is falling apart and w the taxes we pay, our town should be looking well attended and it’s not!! The best landscaped areas are the ones donated by kind vendors, not our village tax dollars.). What about the Schedler property for turf, or Habernickel Farm, or Citizens park or one of the elementary schools that don’t flood?

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