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Readers Say Turf Fields Exacerbate Village Flooding

Photo by Gail McLaughlin McCarthy yesterday 4/16/18

April 17,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood High School field flooded again , Readers Say Turf Fields Exacerbate Village Flooding, sounds familiar  and yes it is ,from August 2,2014 ,

Is seems ever time it rains now , significance damage is done to our playing fields and Village property .We were told the turf fie;ds would drain faster , well yes they sure do but the water still needs some place to go like the Village Hall , the Ridgewood library .Since the Village Hall Rebuilding Fiasco  , and the addition of turf fields along the Ho Ho Kus brook the 50 year flood has now become an almost yearly event .
 Is it time to recognize the damage to the environment all this turf is doing  ?The problem is not just the fields at Stevens ,Maple and the RHS Stadium but the many turf fields all along the banks of our rivers all over Bergen County . Again the water needs some place to go

5 thoughts on “Readers Say Turf Fields Exacerbate Village Flooding

  1. Gotta buy more rubber pellets now that they have washed down the Saddle River…

  2. The field will drain down at 60inch per an hour., it is a lot slower trying to move water across the field.

  3. The flooded field is also happily absorbing all the chemicals and other by-products of the businesses up stream. And you have to spend a fortune getting it ready to use again. A grass field needs to only be power washed to remove the contamination, let dry, and it will be ready to go. Grass is much healthier to play on than the chemicals coming out from the artificial pollution filled fields. Are all the damaged fields going to be ready for Opening Day?

  4. No problem. Just hold the swim meets there.

  5. So true 12:35 ,

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