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Readers say Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld really overstepped her bounds .


Readers say Village Manager  Roberta Sonenfeld really overstepped her bounds . 

The capital budget had called for $1.5 million for paving, but Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld pulled it from the annual spending plan, opting instead to introduce it for separate consideration by the council.

Readers says she is not an elected official.Who does Sonenfeld think she is? She can’t unilaterally decide what items have to be individually voted on.

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8 thoughts on “Readers say Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld really overstepped her bounds .

  1. This is the same Roberta Sonenfeld who was getting such praise when she was appointed.

  2. I don’t know whether this applies, but Ken Gabbert arranged it so that the Village Manager could unilaterally make a number of decisions that had previously been made only by council vote. The result was that certain important issues were never brought before the council or public at all, and were decided privately. This was his typical weaselly power grab and like Pfund’s appalling ordinance opening Master Plan amendment requests to all comers, should be reversed.

  3. I knew someone would get around to blaming Gabbert. Its not the council fault when something goes wrong. They only take the credit when something goes right and that is far and few.

  4. # 2 So what your saying is that are new hand pick Village Manager didn’t notify the Council because the past Village Manager had an arranged it that way. Really. A Village Manage with any background on that intersection should have brought it to the Council especially when they live on the West Side and should be familiar with that route. This is not on the job training. Next you are going to tell us that our mayor is going to use a page from our president book. “I only found out about this when he watched the news.” Please.

  5. these bums are a joke.

  6. All is forgiven because we got a 0% property tax increase

  7. Be careful what you wish for Mr Mayor….

  8. sounds like Rutishauser will have to fall on his sword for this one

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