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Readers Voice Concern Over Ken Smith Construction


“At around 12:30 PM today (Wed. 2/6), as I was driving east toward Franklin Ave. under the train trestle, the car in front of me stopped with its left blinker flashing to turn into the construction site. Good think I was driving very slowly. This made me and everyone behind me wait until that car was gone in a place where left turns have never been permitted. Cars driving west did not stop because they aren’t accustomed to it and even if they wanted to be accommodating, might have figured that it could be dangerous for them to stop suddenly immediately after going through the light at Broad St. An accident is waiting to happen and meanwhile it’s going to be a big problem if left turns continue there.

The council needs to force the developer to block off that entrance before an accident blocks the entire underpass. Imagine how that would go, with everyone funneled down Broad and under the Ackerman Ave. overpass. Now imagine it at 5 PM.”

2 thoughts on “Readers Voice Concern Over Ken Smith Construction

  1. There are also Cars turning left at same light to enter lanes under the overpass up to that side of town
    adding to the Hazard of bogus Idling construction idlers ..let them go around the
    block and enter from that side of town. The madness of that project has now even begun..

    they should likely restrict pedestrians from crossing towards the Fred Smith Site just to walk down to
    right direction towards the commercial district,.

  2. Left turns have always been allowed there, they just didn’t happen that often.

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