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Ridgewood NJ, Since turning back the clocks, there have been some home burglaries in the Village.  These typically haveoccurred during the hours of 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., when it is dark and no one is home.  There have also been burglaries from vehicles parked indriveways. 

Please be aware that Public Safety is the Village of Ridgewood’s #1 priority, and our Police Department is giving their full attention touncover every detail and piece of information, so that they can identify those involved in the burglaries.  In addition, there are extra Policepatrols on the streets.  If you are aware of a burglary which has occurred near your home, and have home security cameras or a Ring doorbellcamera, please contact the Ridgewood Police Department, at 201-652-3900, and let them know.  The videos obtained from these cameras will assistthe Ridgewood Police Department in their investigation.

Here are some helpful tips to be used to protect your home and vehicles from burglaries:

  1. Lock doors and windows (house and cars).  Remove your fobs from your cars and bring them into your house.
  2. Routinely check that home security/safety systems are working properly. 
  3. Promptly clear property/driveway of newspapers. 
  4. Promptly empty mailbox, clear delivered packages and register for delivery notifications. 
  5. DO NOT post real-time information on Facebook/Instagram/social media including:
    • a. Real-time photos and/or livestream from vacation, parties, concerts, theater, sports events, dining out and food images, etc. DOING SO PUBLICLY BROADCASTS THAT YOU’RE NOT HOME!
    • b. Real-time Information about work commute, work location, shopping, etc.  
  6. CAUTION: do not accept Facebook/social media friend requests without confirming the authenticity of the individual making the request – LOOK, THINK & RESEARCH before accepting. 
  7. NOTE:  Many members of local Ridgewood Facebook groups are not from Ridgewood
  8. NEVER HESITATE: IMMEDIATELY report suspicious vehicles, persons, and activity to the RIDGEWOOD POLICE DEPARTMENT – remember for an emergency dial 911 and always have the RPD non-emergency number handy 201-652-3900


  1. Lets build that GINORMOUS GARAGE already, so we can reduce (eliminate?) crime in Ridgewood!!!

  2. Oh, please.

  3. very effective counter argument…

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