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“Reimagine Ridgewood Public Library Renovation Concept ” ,Public Forum Saturday, October 6, 2018, 10-11:30am

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Ridgewood NJ, There sure seems to be a lot of “Reimagining ” going around these days ,first the Village Master Plan and now the Ridgewood Public Library . The Ridgewood Public Library will be presenting a, ” Reimagine Ridgewood Public Library Renovation Concept ” In a public forum on Saturday, October 6, 2018 10:00 am – 11:30 am in the Ridgewood Library Auditorium .All residents are invited to join the Library staff for coffee, learn about the concept ,ask questions, share suggestions . For more information, please see Library website , Reimagine RPL or email Library Director Nancy Greene .

According to North Jersey media ,the Ridgewood Library Director Nancy Greene claimed that , “ we’ve had 6 million visitors come to the library to use our services. The library is not any longer the state-of-the-art facility that it was in the first five years when we opened” . Green added ,the Ridgewood Public Library’s programs have gone from 13,713 attendees in 1999 to 49,022 in 2017, and are a driving force behind reimagining.

Some of the changes proposed:

Move Teen Room to larger space .
Additional 40 seats to auditorium.
New central stairway.
Additional quiet student space, lounge seating.
New magazine lounge.
Local history and genealogy collections, climate-controlled storage.
New carpet, paint, furnishings.
Energy-efficient LED lighting.

This is all part of the Library’s Strategic Plan 2013-2018 :

And follows in the footsteps of the “Reimagine, Refresh and Transform A Space Assessment and Building Program for the Ridgewood Public Library ” put together by Library Development Solutions in July 2013 .

Library supporters are looking to cash in on an opportunity to secure a portion of a $125 million Public Library Construction and Renovation grant, approved by voters last year. The plan as it stands  estimated project construction cost is $6 million and we anticipate an additional $1.7 million in “soft costs” for professional fees, furnishings, equipment, transitions, financing = $7.7 million. After the concept is approved, the Library would work toward funding from 3 sources: • 50% $4 million NJ State Library Grant • 25% $2 million (maximum) public funds through Village of Ridgewood • 25% $2 million (minimum) Capital Campaign* support from generous individuals, foundations and businesses. The Campaign Committee will include Trustees, Foundation and Friends members. *For the 1998 renovation, the Capital Campaign delivered $1.7 million.

Sounds interesting but what about the books? The only mention seems to be , 20,000 volumes ,will be rearranged for easier browsing .

16 thoughts on ““Reimagine Ridgewood Public Library Renovation Concept ” ,Public Forum Saturday, October 6, 2018, 10-11:30am

  1. A HUGE waste of money. The library is fine as it is. New paint, new carpets, and new ceiling tiles are all that is needed. Stop the insanity now.

  2. They will save a lot of money with the new LED lighting.

    And now I won’t have trouble finding the stairway to the second floor. I used to walk around and around in front of the circulation desk looking for the stairway.

  3. My God. Just. No.

  4. And exactly where are all of the new users supposed to park?

  5. Six million visitors is an out and out lie.

  6. No. Get a new hangup.

  7. NO WAY

    Find another happy together

    Install new bathrooms on floors one and two full gut upgrade and be done

    Recarpet in spring

    Bid the jobs and give incents to come in on budget re future work

  8. The current library is beyond magnificent and in my opinion, just about the finest library facility I’ve seen anywhere. This expensive refurb is absolutely nothing more than a combination of using public funds to support organized labor, and the grandiose visions of the Ridgewood cocktail party set.

  9. The cash river spend-a thon that has been flowing downhill from the VC on Raised Garage Bonding ,,centralized parking valets ala carte , skyjacking the parking rates and times ….blow up the train station parking for invisible compact cars that don’t exist in the
    1000 dollar permit club up there …has everyone muscling in on the spend a thon…including rumors of a PAC no less..
    Can’t make this up….meantime castle homes up in highlands are not selling and prices soft…Ie Tax re-evaluations requests for tax rate adjustments to come..
    less cash in the VOR ACCOUNTS..PERFECT STORM..PS SCHOOL BUDGET 110 Million and growing . Houston..we have a problem ….reply : RESTRAINT ..voyagers..

  10. We actually need an emergency cost reduction plan for the next 18 to 24 months.lets start with suspension of all but
    the most serious Utility work where police idle in front of
    minor utility work on side streets for no justifiable reason ,
    when PSEG can be tasked on 90days notice to provide
    OWN employee flag workers OR SUBS to protect the work site.


    For major wire or street closure or main Avenue Gas projects then let’s
    focus the town police use where needed for those major
    risks along with PSEG flaggers.

    People we have to begin to get our house In order.

    TOWN SPENDING IS OUT OF CONTROL.Day of reckoning ahead. People selling and moving out all around us…

  11. The residents of:

    Midland Park,
    Saddle River,
    Ho Ho Kus,
    Washington Township,
    Fair Lawn
    and Glen Rock

    are THRILLED.

  12. The library wants to cut into Vets Field for more parking space. The town needs more green space not less. During summer concerts that part of field is used by people bringing chairs and blankets. Kids play pickup games there too. We need green space.

  13. We should upgrade the library director before touching the building.

  14. it’s all about parking spaces for cars for out of towners …

    Towns become a River Boat Ponzi Scheme..

    definition :



    a large scale systematic plan or arrangement for attaining some particular object or putting a particular idea into effect.

  15. the field is a permeable flood plain. more concrete and asphalt surfaces on the field
    for out of town sporting events we don’t want .

  16. LED lighting upgrade should happen no matter what. That project would pay for itself (ROI) in probably 2 years and then the savings from then on could be used for something else or benefit the taxpayers. No brainer there. Good for the visitors, tax payers and town (expenses), and environment.

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