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Reimagine the Ridgewood Library Public Forum

photo courtesy of Ridgewood Library

MON, JUN 10  7-8PM | Open Public Forum

Ridgewood NJ, All Ridgewood residents invited to attend an open public forum on Library renovation concepts.
We look forward to sharing ideas.
Conference Room, 3rd floor
Please register here.

Also introducing: the Reimagine website,
Information about Reimagining the Ridgewood Public Library. 

11 thoughts on “Reimagine the Ridgewood Library Public Forum

  1. Residence the plan is coming into affect like it or not. They got the Elks club, read to the library, the police department movies to the Water utility floor and takes over. And then in a year or two you’ll see a parking garage being built in the back it’s a no brainer. They will have no choice.The bird in the sky Which is a good thing the village is going into the direction of building a little city well this will be part of it.

  2. The pd has all the power.

  3. Mayor Susan has a hand in this from the start. The library’s claim that 6,000,000 have visited since 1989 (or when ever) is unbelievable. Using their own math of 49,022 visitors in 2017, it would take 122 years to see another 6,000,000 visitors.

  4. Looks like one of those creepy, dystopian, authoritarian state propoganda facilities in all of those YA novels…

  5. It looks like a 1950s/early 60s vision of the future…
    …very dated already, especially with those oak ceiling slats and potato chip chairs.

  6. On line is killing the Library





  8. I imagine a Taj Mahal money pit.

    The HS library was “re-imagined ” a few years ago.

    Library has stats on how many people use their facilities. They should do a survey by an impartial outside company. How many RESIDENTS use the library each month? Each year? How many RESIDENTS have not used the library in the last month, in the last year? Their current numbers seem high. I wonder if they counted people walking through the door, using the bathroom, attending a children’s piano recital, browsing, checking out material, returning material, using conference rooms …. I need to see the survey.

    I do not know many people who go to the library anymore. I have access to an online University Library. I also have a Kindle. I have driven through the parking lot and found no spots available while attempting a visit to Village Hall.

    I thought the Elks Club was for the water department.

  9. I think the library is fine the way it is – maybe have the floors cleaned and replace a few chairs but why a whole new renovation? There appears to be more than enough room – every time I’ve been there there appears to be a lot of students with their tutors using the place – I guess as a type of office….
    Oh and it is hard to find parking in that lot at times

  10. Looks like the drawings for the new LaGuardia airport

  11. 15-people in the artist rendering. About the amount that would be there on any given day.

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