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“Reimagining” the Ridgewood Public Library

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,  It been over 20 years since the Ridgewood Public Library had an update . A preliminary plan  for a renovation will be presented on September 26th to the Village of Ridgewood Council and on October 6, the library will host a public forum ,where  according to sources residents  will be able to share your ideas and play a part in “reimagining” the Ridgewood Library.

Library officials feel that with the State of New Jersey $125 million NJ Library Construction Bond Act the time is right to act.The New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act passed with a nearly 60 percent approval margin with New Jersey voters, providing $125 million for county and local library construction and renovation projects statewide. The Bond Act will enable NJ public libraries to build the capacity of their current facilities, and make much needed upgrades to technology infrastructures. The Bond Act will also provide an economic stimulus throughout the state by providing jobs for the construction industry, including building trades, architect, engineering and technology firms.

According to Library sources ,the staff and trustees for several years have researched and visited redesigned libraries and worked with professionals to reimagine the Ridgewood Public Library. In 2017 the Ridgewood Library conducted a Resident Survey to Help us improve the users experience .


The Ridgewood Library serves as the Village cultural and intellectual center. In 2017, we loaned 575,000 print & media items, hosted 49,000 people at Library programs, and answered 102,500 reference questions.


Ridgewood Public Library Renovation: What about the books?



8 thoughts on ““Reimagining” the Ridgewood Public Library

  1. Its a library! Stop spend money.

  2. Local libraries are a thing of the past and must be rethought much like downtown retail. Many of the library resources are now, or will be available on-line in the future. Technology is changing so fast that anything planned today will be outdated in a few years. The library needs to take a “wait and see” position. It’s not like it will lose business to a competitor. It is my belief that there will be a compression of resources and service and “less” space will be needed. But the “why spend less, when you can spend more” attitudes rules the day.

  3. Two ignorant comments. Libraries are a treasure and we’re lucky to have a topnotch library system not only here , but in all of Bergen County.

  4. Hey genius, in Ridgewood, it’s not about a library, it’s about a performing arts center. $6 million is not to buy books, or technology, or tables and chairs. It’s for an auditorium like the ones in every school located in the village. Stop you name calling and strengthen your argument.

    Also 6,000,000 visitors since 1998?!!!! 6,000,000 divided 7,300 days = 822 persons per day. Fake news.

  5. I am livid about this. We cannot afford to spend money for unnecessary things. My house hasn’t “had an upgrade” in a lot more than 20 years. So what!!

  6. I am at the library weekly, I love reading real hold in my hands books. The library is a great place to learn, to meet, to expose oneself to new ideas. However, I would like to see a study done about who is actually using the Ridgewood library. I rarely see my neighbors or friends there. Instead I see tutors, I see NY license plates, I see cars with parking stickers from towns in southern bergen county. You see, we have the nicest library in bergen county, we have the only library in bergen county that is open on Sundays in the summer! Why oh Why do we the taxpayers of Ridgewood have to pay for an even better library when more than 50% of the patrons are from other towns? Other than bragging rights or simply because “it’s ridgewood”, there is no reason for the taxpayers of Ridgewood to foot the bill so that the rest of BCCLS can benefit.

  7. after Garazilla the Residents bank accounts are fair game for the strivers ..these people are insane ..folks will move
    out once the kids have completed school.

    that’s the plan..realtors involved up to their necks in pre selling town schools to all takers and could give a fig for
    homeowners of over 20 plus years who built and payed for
    everything.Ps town roads are crap.token milling years too late ..we have been gamed .we need cost reduction plan not drunken cash wasting plan that is underway

  8. When Garagezilla fails, we can convert it into a performing arts center.

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