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>Renato’s Pizza wins Best Pizza in Ridgewood 2011

>What is the Best Pizza in Ridgewood 2011

The Ridgewood blog is proud to announce the winner of the 2011 best Pizza in Ridgewood Contest ; Coming in first place with with 27% of the vote Renatos Pizza followed by A Mano the 2009 winner with 13% and Sicilian Sun with 13 % of the vote and Brooklyn Pizza with 12% and Puzzo’s the 2008 winner with 10% of the vote .

Congratulations to all our participants 

A Mano  74  13%(won VA,OH,RI and MI )
Renato’s Pizza  157  27% (won NJ ,PA,NY,VT, IL,IA,MN,FL,OK.AZ.and CA)
Puzo’s  58  10%
Brooklyn Pizza  72  12% (won MO and AK)
Sicilian Sun  76  13% (won GA ,MA and WI)
La Bella Pizza  49  8% (won WA)
Roma Pizza  12  2%
Pizza Fusion  41  7%
Ridgewood Pizza  38  7% (won TX)
Total Votes : 577
Total States 22

The tasters general concurred with the voting results remarking on how many extra ordinary places to buy great pizza in Ridgewood there are.

New arrivals in town seemed to go for Brooklyn Pizza, town workers Ridgewood Pizza, old timers Renatos and Sicilian Sun ,Westsiders Puzzo’s and A-Mano . Many tasters remarked that they liked the pizza at A- Mano but most  went to A-Mano to eat other items on the menu.  The general consensus was for thin crust though the winner Renato’s and Puzzos offers old style chewy crust .

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