315 East Glen Ave photo by Denise Pierce Lima

August 4,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the request for variances that allow for two homes where only one exists now.

Ridgewood resident Denise Pierce Lima spelled out the problem on Facebook, “We need you to show up to the August 1st Planning Board Meeting and just say “NO”

We bought our home in Ridgewood, in this specific area because of the beauty of the landscape and the history. This home has helped support and make me survivor of cancer and it is our front porch and looking out to the park like setting that got me through it.

What is really happeing at the property at 315 East Glen Ave. AND the variances they are asking for – and what you really need to know is the following:

This is part of a larger project to sub-divide the property and build 2 McMansions 3600 SQ FT.

– According to the Ridgewood Tax map and assessment online files; this will be 150% larger than the 17 homes surrounding this Lot and Block. And -750 homes surrounding, only 2 homes are larger than 2200 square feet and one is the old “Libby” historical home on Glen Ave.

This property and its surroundings are from the 1830, with what we believe are remnants of a blacksmiths house bordering as well as another home from 1800’s. Especially when they plan to cut down 20+ trees and destroy the complete canapoy of the area, essentially clear cutting. The character and history of the area would be LOST

Request to “double” the easement – is purely to fit 6 cars in the new McMansion Emergency vehicles can get down the current driveway, the expansion will not allow them to “turn around”

Not to mention Several months of digging, noise, construction equipment surrounding Glen, Northern Parkway and Sterling will be impacted. And you thought PSE&G was annoying!”

Only the applicant had an attorney, testimony by professional planner on behalf of applicant was clearly orchestrated to convince the Board that Case Law made their approval inevitable.

There seemed to be an implication from testimony that the Planning Board did not have any discretion whatsoever.

Resident Martin Walker pointed out on Facebook,” Hopefully discussed that attorneys are using case law to eviscerate our zoning regulations, and thus the stated intent of our LAST Master Plan.

In other words, State Law is being manipulated to render out village governance meaningless AND the village doesn’t field any legal opinions capable of countering this.

Without legal resources to translate future Master Planning into enforceable law…there IS no possibility of village governance.”