Resident Caryn Swanson and her husband have close call with Carbon monoxide build up
June 17,2012
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood resident Caryn Swanson and her husband had a potentially life-threatening carbon monoxide buildup in their house. Had it not been for fully functioning Carbon monoxide detector detectors Caryn and her husband may not have made it According to the Ridgewood Fire Department the couple would have died. Caryn wrote in the Ridgewood News “as it was, I did become ill with carbon monoxide poisoning and required medical attention.”

More frightening was that nothing had malfunctioned in my house.The windows closed and their attic fan on. In the morning when her husband took a shower the carbon monoxide from the hot water heater was sucked through the house by the fan, because no windows were open, the carbon monoxide gas had no place to and nowhere to dissipate.

Both the Ridgewood Fire Department and PSE&G concurred with this scenario as reason for the buildup in Carbon monoxide in the home . According to Caryn , “My detector read 289 ppm when I called. Normal is 0 and at 70 ppm you begin to have poisoning symptoms”.Ridgewood fire department responded in a prompt and professional manner and luckily no real harm was done. .

The Ridgewood Fire Department advises that all detectors should be no older than five years and should have a digital read-out, an alarm, battery back-up, be tested like smoke detectors, and be installed at least 5 feet from the floor.

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