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RHS Bands perform Tunes in June ,Opening of the Summer Season at the Shell


June 7,2018

the staff of the Ridgewod blog

Ridgewood NJ, RHS Bands perform Tunes in June this Thursday at Kasschau Shell. Don’t miss the opening of the summer season at the Shell, which will include a tribute to the 32 RHS senior musicians about to graduate. Free! 8 p.m.

Enjoy free musical performances under the stars, Tuesdays and Thursdays, throughout the summer at the Kasschau Memorial Shell at Veteran’s Field (located behind the Village Hall, 131 N. Maple Avenue). Programs include Broadway tunes, Calypso, Reggae, Jazz, Best of Rock and Soul, Country Western, Ultimate Billy Joel Tribute Band and so much more. No fee to attend.
Find details in the following link:
Kasschau Memorial Shell – 2018 Summer Schedule


4 thoughts on “RHS Bands perform Tunes in June ,Opening of the Summer Season at the Shell

  1. Sat goodbye to the Kasschau Shell when Nancy Green get the money from the Council to build the Library new Performing Arts Center. Then the sports people can take down the shell and make bigger fields. When this is all done Nancy Green will then want a parking garage for the new Library.

  2. Looking forward to another concert season.

  3. So putting the screws to the Elks Lodge and practically stealing their property out from under them had nothing to do with obtaining space for Ridgewood’s municipal water company, but was instead a setup to facilitate wasteful plans to erect a municipal performing arts center? Gee, let’s see…well what do you know! Yes, in fact, this is ANOTHER three amigos spending scheme, the cover of which was blown by multiple posts to this blog years ago…

  4. A gaslighting comment from March of 2016:
    “Good lord people…everything is a conspiracy in Ridgewood is it not? Give it a rest. The club membership is dealing with over zealous state reps ( in very fancy tuxedos mind you) who have been gunning for the lodge for years. It’s not business, it’s personel. The membership has retained councel who will defend their interests. This includes the building that does NOT belong to ANYONE other than the clubs membership via a holding corporation to protect it from situations just like this. So forget your theory’s , forget about the library and forget about ANYONE getting anything that belongs to the lodge.”

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