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RHS Extra Credit Letter


May 21, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

Last night at the Board of Education meeting, a parent approached the Board during public comments regarding the issue of how extra credit is awarded to students in classes at RHS.  Subsequently, news organizations picked up on this complaint and were across the street at RHS after school today looking to speak with students.

This concern was recently raised with the administration and since then we have been investigating how teachers administer extra credit in their classes.  Each teacher and department handles extra credit differently.  The extra points allotted varies but in most cases it is quite small when looking at the overall total amount of points a student can accumulate in the quarter.

Some examples of how extra credit has been given in the past are: extra problems on a test, completing work that goes beyond the daily requirements of the class, or attending school activities and events beyond school hours.  Some of these events have entrance fees, such as a school play or club fundraising activity.  Attendance at events like these contribute to the overall positive culture of the school.  However, the concern over a nominal fee at these events is what has brought this issue to light.     

The administration will be looking at the information collected to determine if a school policy or procedure needs to be in place.  When we have concluded our investigation, we will be informing you of our findings and if any changes to our policies and procedures will be implemented.


Thomas A Gorman, Ed.D.

8 thoughts on “RHS Extra Credit Letter

  1. BULLSHIT! The complaint said she informed RHS administrators about the issue and nothing was done. Now all the sudden there’s a full investigation into the matter? Huh?

  2. Investigating their own flawed system.

  3. If extra credit doesn’t matter why offer it. “Quite small” what does that mean? You are not clear.

    “Nominal fee” Money of any amount should not be allowed to be used to BUY extra credit. Not even one cent. We are talking about a public school in the United State of America. Isn’t that against the law for public schools in the United States of America. Buying good grades.

    Are you teaching kids that they can buy their way into what should be an accomplishment, good grades? A kid who can afford the $20 might earn an A minus instead of a B plus. A kid who cannot afford the $20 could get the B plus. A college looking at grades considers the grades.

    “Nominal fee” is infuriating. Some families count every penny. Money, not even one cent, should be permitted for PURCHASE of an improved grade, extra credit.

    Because of what you expressed in your letter you should be fired Right Now.

    Your values, your attitude, your standards should not be allowed in a public school, Ridgewood High School. ( I am not a parent of a school age child.) I am a longtime resident of this town.
    And I thought my school taxes were PURCHASING a TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE.

  4. 1. The first concern was over the fact that a student was told one day that no extra credit could be granted, that it was too late in the quarter. Gorman conveniently did not mention this.

    2. The $20 is not a nominal fee. Even to rich Ridgewoodians, $20 is still $20. And for many of us it is way more than “nominal.” I am so insulted by this.

    3. Even if the fee was 20 cents, this is wrong.

    4. The woman last night reported that when she met with the teacher and admin, she got nowhere. Yet Gorman states they have been investigating. I doubt it.

  5. This whole thing just keeps getting sicker and sicker. Where does this money for grades go? Gorman’s whole “blow if off” attitude is typically used when any parent complains about anything. It is actually beginning to look like Gorman went to the same educational locations as Trump as he has been in office much longer than Trump has but continues doing all the basically illegal things–school board starts earlier than announced, it was actually just a kid’s fight, going to court to have a recommendation that didn’t suit him overturned etc. etc.

  6. Why can’t the teachers just freaking teach. Then we don’t need extra credit given out like candy.

  7. To the poster above who doesn’t have a school age child – shut up. You clearly don’t even know how school grades are calculated. Do you weigh in on lots of topics you know nothing about? This is sad to watch people try to tear down the school and the village just so they can feed their own insatiable outrage appetites. You Clueless Keyboard Warriors can’t be bothered to examine the impact of their lack of critical thinking. They can’t be bothered to see what good happens when our students are spurred to try new things, like stepping forward and supporting fellow students in their endeavors…They can’t be bothered to wonder “what happens if teachers no longer can leverage a couple points of motivation to get kids to attend an event they may not normally attend”. They can’t be bothered to do the math on tiny incentives designed and proven to gain a larger reward. From the loud mouth know nothings on Facebook to the “look at me” mom at the BoE, to the thoughtless posters here- show some basic understanding of the trade the teachers try to make to get your kids to try something new and get their heads out of their phones. What are the consequences of your outrage addiction over a few points that could and do yield growth in a child and therefore the school and therefore our community?

  8. Where is the Board? Lead damnit. Make decisions Jennie. This is just horrible governance. Gorman and Fishbein, who condone buying credit, need to go. Should our children just buy their way through life, that’s your teaching moment here? #Draintheswamp

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