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RHS Stadium :Here We Go Again

photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, RHS Stadium appears to be flooding . Maybe its time for the Ridgewood Board of Education to rethink Field Turf.?

9 thoughts on “RHS Stadium :Here We Go Again

  1. Rain to stop at 9PM…but resume again tomorrow at 11AM and continue through 6PM.

  2. Thanks to turf, the field will be playable in a day. If that were grass, it would be unplayable all week

  3. Yikes

  4. The field is being replaced at a cost of $600,000 earlier than expected because it was installed in a flood plain. In the last 8 years it has happened several times and has required many thousands of dollars in repairs besides the regular maintenance costs. The crumb rubber washes into the abutting brooks and is an environmental hazard. While grass fields are recommended in flood plains, new products are on the market which are made from organic components that are not as hazardous as crumb rubber to the environment and are 30 percent cooler when exposed to the sun which makes the turf service healthier and safer for the players. The new geofill field was recently installed at Maple Field which exists in the same flood plain. It is considered a success by players ,coaches and village administrators and grounds personnel alike. The Board of Education is installing crumb rubber once again. Their logic for doing this defies comprehension.

  5. Turf is so disgusting.

  6. Oh my god oh. Wow

  7. A grass field would flood the same way. The turf field will be playable as soon as the rain stops and the water recedes. Grass would not be playable for a week. Regardless of what covers it, the field is in a flood zone. You can’t blame the turf for the flooding.

  8. Turf is no my choice, but it is fine if not installed in a flood plain.
    Did it ever occur to the town to build up the field to improve runoff so that it would be less likely to flood and destroy 100s of thousands of $$$ ?

  9. Looks good.

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