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Ridgewood BOE ,Council Feud Continues Over Who Should Pay for a New School Resource Officer.

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Ridgewood NJ,  the feud between  the Village Council and the Ridgewood school board  has spilled into school safety and the hiring the a School Resource Officer . The current clash is over who should pay for  a new school resource officer.

The Ridgewood had previously reported :

Village Council members claim  the Board of Education  has reneged on good faith negotiations to co-fund the salary of the officer , in retaliation for the Village Council backing the school budget vote.

Village and school officials had been discussing a replacement school resource officer for close to two years. The position was eliminated in 2010 for financial reasons. In 2014, the council passed an ordinance allowing for the re-creation of the position, with responsibilitiesjointly determined by the police chief, village manager and superintendent of schools.

The Ridgewood school district currently employs a full-time, armed school security officer, who is also a retired police officer. An SRO is an active-duty police officer.

According to the BOE the previous school resource officer was paid for by the village, but with over $110,000,000 school budget  Ridgewood taxpayers are very surprised by the BOE’s reluctance to ensure school safety.

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  1. Old story James. Mayor and council have taken the high road and they are going to pay.

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