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Ridgewood CBD Faces Parking-apocalypse on Monday

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, looks like Ridgewood’s Central Business District is facing a parking-apocalypse this week when both the Hudson lot and Cottage Place lot are closed as of Monday August 19th. Resident should brace for longer parking times and more congested road ways .

-Parking deck construction starts.
-Pedestrians must use the sidewalk along the church side of Hudson Street.
-Hudson Street will be open to vehicles during the beginning of the construction…as the project proceeds…there will be weeks that the street might be closed.

Cottage Place Parking There will be milling and paving of

weather permitting it should be done by August 23, 2019…

14 thoughts on “Ridgewood CBD Faces Parking-apocalypse on Monday

  1. Apocalypse!! yeah right.
    It’s already proven there are more than enough parking spots in town without the garage
    A lot of people are away at this time in August…so your fears are unfounded.
    If I’m wrong, please send the pictures of people circling for blocks looking for spots.

  2. Only people circling are those too lazy to walk.

  3. I mean really.
    This is the same knee jerk reaction since the first renderings of the garage were introduced.
    This town has had a parking problem since the 1960’s
    as recorded in minutes from chamber of commerce meetings. The garage is going to be built and it will be a tremendous success along with the continued development of the CBD. This is not a village anymore. We’re moving forward. With or without you.

  4. We are moving alright. Cars RULE. They shape (destroy) everything and anything in their way. Most people are too stupid to realize it because they have ZERO aesthetic sense. Make way, make way for cars . Cut down trees, cut down forests and woods, destroy the charm and character of towns. Make way for the four wheel disaster that is the shape and content of the human brain of the idiots who worship them. MOST PEOPLE. Your brain is full of gas; like a car.

    Relying on public transportation like buses, streetcars, trains, is not good enough for the mob; they are too much in a hurry to do what???? What do they do. BUY STUFFSHITJUNK. And they are never satisfied. So declutter experts abound. But people like Bill Gates and company will always come up with a little new toy the idiots, must have as they destroy any natural or man made beauty. And the idiots call that progress or moving forward.

  5. How much is meter parking (per hour) going to cost in order to avoid the parking authority operating at a deficit once debt service payments are required. Will these rates reduce parking demand in other parts of the CBD? Is there risk that stores in such areas, will suffer more than they benefit from the garage

  6. We wonder what is in the ground at that lot . We all. Will see .

  7. There’s plenty of parking . . . on select days . . . during summer . . . or school vacations when many commuters are out-of-town on vacation with their families. During the ordinary work week during the regular year, the parking lots are typically filled to capacity by an early hour of the morning. Anyone claiming otherwise is being hugely disingenuous or deliberately deceitful.

    We need a real parking garage. Unfortunately, efforts to protect the economic well being of merchants and commuters was undermined by head-in-the-sand individuals incapable or unwilling to acknowledge that their personal interests and needs were not indicative of the greater good of the community. As a result, we have a limited solution that may create as many problems as it solves. And in the interim, an utter lack of contingency planning leaves commuters utterly without recourse or remedy.

    But we can all take pride in the fact that the parking garage is not going to be taller than the circa-1914 buildings in the vicinity. And as folks gradually shift their focus to Ho Ho Kus, Glen Rock, or other neighboring towns to buy homes, show, and dine, maybe the folks who fought so passionately against protecting our future will find themselves with homes whose values have plummeted. Of course, since most of these folks bought those homes 20 or more years ago, or longer, they’ll still recover what they paid. It’s just the rest of us who will be utterly screwed in both the short and long term.

  8. People trump. 2020 !So get out and vote

  9. Ho Ho kus and Glen Rock do not have ugly parking garages; so of course people will want to buy houses there. Ridgewood had enough parking with train station and the rest of the area. Walking to train station is always a healthy option. On inclement days a cab will do. The uglification of Ridgewood is here with the new train station lot and the upcoming parking garage, the apartments, and the expensive meter rates. Of course people would choose to live in Ho Ho Kus and Glen Rock. Both of those towns are still charming villages. Or like villages. Can anyone imagine driving on Broad Street or under the trestle after the apartments are built. I’m frightened just thinking about it. Wow will there ever be accidents. Of course the apartment dwellers will shop in town and make up for people like myself who won’t go near the CBD.

  10. Yes, what a moronic comment about Glen Rock. no one buys a home in a suburban town like Ridgewood, HoHokus or Glen Rock because they want to live near ugly garages. They want to leave that lifestyle behind.

  11. Are the braking ground on the new Crime Magnet soon?
    I’m very excited.

  12. It’s resturant week.. Another fine example Mayor and Ms. Walsh

  13. London during the Blitz, Paris during the Reign of Terror, and now Ridgewood during the Parking Apocalypse. Oh the humanity….

  14. Woah hold on there…
    Is that a German?
    I think I have one of them.
    It’s blue.
    The roof is about ZIS HIGH!
    No, I’m not here every Tuesday.

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