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Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Furology Dog Grooming

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Furology dog grooming to Ridgewood. They are open and located at 24 Prospect Street . 

Furology strives to deliver the best possible results using a variety of holistic healing therapies and organic herbs that are based on balancing the body, mind and soul. Each therapy is tailored to each pets own specific needs, without costing a paw and a tail.

They use principles of natural medicine, herbal medicine and lifestyle improvements to facilitate healing.They believe that every living being has the ability to heal itself, by identifying and removing obstructions that block the natural flow of the body and mind as a whole. Peace and Love to you and your Furry Babies.

8 thoughts on “Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Furology Dog Grooming

  1. Great write-up, but do they actually do any grooming?

  2. So since the douchebag didn’t take the photo himself, he could not cut Ms. Knudsen out of it.

  3. Poor Susan having to stand net to the douchebag.

  4. Do these type of places make enough money to pay RIdgewood rents?

  5. Our town ,once wonderful is awful. I mention to strangers that I live, and have lived in Ridgewood for 72 years and they remark ” what has happened?” There are so many reasons,present council for sure.
    No one will take them on. It’s a shame. I wish I was younger and smart enough to challenge decisions made in our town. Our train station now looks like Montclair.( we have always followed them).
    Housing is out of control. I can’t( I won’t really) wait to see a Friday night in the summer with all the new people living in all the new places.
    We will be our own little community keeping all the establishments open. No one from out of town wll want to venture into town.
    So Sad.
    Im leaving for South Carolina. Would have loved to finish my life here in Ridgewood, but there is no control of anything.

  6. Well, no. They won’t make any money because Fido and holistic herbs ain’t gonna cut it and a monthly rent of 6 K is guaranteed to sink the ship. I understand all starry eyed with the new business and all but jeepers is anybody really thinking here? Lifestyle improvements? What planet are you people on? ITS A DOG . good frickin lord.

  7. Just what Ridgewood needs – another dog groomer. Let’s see how long this place survives. How stupid are these people to open here.

  8. Seriously, a fourth dog groomer in Ridgewood? Did these people do any research at all? Let’s see how long this fine establishment lasts.
    I give it 6 months.

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