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Ridgewood Councilmen Caught on Hot Mike Calling a Resident a”douche bag”

Jeff Voigt Ridgewood Council

file photo by Boyd Loving

January 18,2018
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, at the Village council meeting last night councilmen Jeff Voigt caught on a hot mike calling a resident a “douche bag”. The Ridgewood blog has not been able to confirm who the councilmen was referring to ?

29 thoughts on “Ridgewood Councilmen Caught on Hot Mike Calling a Resident a”douche bag”

  1. His terrible behaviour cannot be stopped. We have seen is surface over and over and over. He writes letters talking about civility and bashing the blog…..and then he screams at heather Mailander and screams at residents and uses vulgar language in a public meeting. He needs to go.

  2. It makes no difference who he was referring to. What matters is that yet again, Councilman Voigt has shown his total disrespect for a taxpayer.

  3. Perhaps Mr. Voigt was talking to himself?

  4. Going to go to your St. Paddy’s day event with O’Halaby and his beautiful wife? You can walk around calling everyone douchbags.

  5. There is at least one resident that is a douche bag, and he’s been called that many times before in this blog.
    Let’s not exaggerate what happened. He muttered something into an open mike. It never would have been noticed except for a certain gadfly with a lot of free time.

  6. A little context…Mr. Voigt made his “douchbags” comment as members of the Ridgewood Police Department were leaving, following the swearing in of their two newest officers. Mr. Voight makes no secret of his disdain for our police officers…yet they will be the first to be there to render aid to him should he ever need it.

    It’s a sad commentary on Mr. Voight’s professionalism and character. Perhaps he should take a long look at himself before he lashes out at anyone. This can only negatively affect the Council and the Village.

    To the Ridgewood Police Department, and especially the two newest officers, the majority of Villagers are proud of and thankful for what you do, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  7. Well, last night a gentleman at the mic commented about the plethora of trucks that would soon be invading the town due to apt. construction at the Dayton. And the dangers of the intersections. The curbs too? Also he said Garber SQ. was a mess of traffic and would get worse and the previous council had denied that opinion.

    My opinion, which I have stated before. Stay away from the CBD. PERIOD. For your own safety.

    So those who tout so-called progress. Your goal was really $$$$ You have turned the lovely town into a douche-bag.

    Remember the chamber of commerce wants your $$$$. Store owners do not care about your safety. They want you to stumble into there stores and break bones from obstacles they put on sidewalk to get your attention.

  8. So Ridgewood taxpayer is suggesting that Voigt was appropriate to use vulgar language if it was directed at someone he does not like? Um, no, it does not work that way. It is completely wrong for him to do this. From the beginning of his pitifully disappointing time on the dais, Jeff Voigt has exhibited disdain for and disgust with members of the public and colleagues on the dais. He has yelled at various people, called them out by name, even went after mild-mannered Heather Mailander because she fulfilled a legal OPRA request. Voigt has been heard bashing council colleagues, potential candidates, attorney Rogers, members of the public over coffee in various restaurants in town. He has verbally abused people on the phone and on facebook. He has pressed charges against an elected colleague and has had charges pressed against him by the State of New Jersey. He gets his minions to give scripted attacks on the mayor at meetings. Then he goes around preaching civility and plastering sugary letters about how wonderful CRAB and Healthbarn are. Wow, talk about a certifiable head case. He is not doing any good for Ridgewood, none.

  9. Agree with 9:47. It was a feelgood evening with police officers being sworn in and you can see Mr. Hache waving like a lovesick puppy at his wife (his kid, couldn’t see?) And then Mr. Scrooge just blurts his DOUCHEBAG into the microphone. What a loser.

  10. I thought the comment was probably made in response to the two newly sworn in police officers requesting to have their picture taken with Councilman Hache. Or maybe Councilman Hache waving at the wife/kids. It was just plain strange.

  11. Hache waving at his wife was childish, made him look stupid. Voigt is a lost cause. I hope we do a better job next time when picking our council members.

  12. There is nothing wrong with Mr. Hache waving. People should express warm loving sentiments. Especially when there is no much ugliness and hate expressed in today’s world and local and national politics.

    I guess you can never please ugly, aggressive, mean, always looking for something to whine about and criticize New JOiseyans.

    Remember about random acts of kindness, and random expressions love. Mr. Hache has great instincts. Take a lesson 12:17 p.m.

  13. If President Trump had to face being pilloried nonstop on CNN and MSNBC and elsewhere for three days for *allegedly* using the word s***hole to refer to certain indisputably inhospitable foreign locales, certainly our local contingent of Trump Haters can be relied upon to put Councilman Voigt through a grueling gauntlet of his own for using a hot mic, funded by Ridgewood taxpayers, to call an unnamed individual in the room a d***ebag. Utterly revolting. Or, as DJT would say, “Sad.”

  14. 1:03 here to clarify . . . I thought the Voigt comment was strange. I think Mr. Hache waving at his kids and wife is just fine (actually, I thought it was adorable). We all ought to blow more kisses to our loved ones.

  15. Agreed 1:04pm. The commenter’s calling attention to Councilman Hache’s lighthearted exchange with a child while seated on the dais is a desperate attempt to deflect scrutiny from villainous Voigt’s verbal vomit.

  16. Lets be perfectly clear about one thing. This was no mistake on Voigt’s part. He knows the microphone is there. He has been on that dais for close to two years (God help us) as a councilman and for awhile as a member of the planning board. He leaned directly into the microphone and said DOUCHBAG without any hesitation. /which, in my opinion, makes him a douchebag.

  17. maybe someone should make a video of all the Voight actions and we can use that as his campaign For those of us that don’t go to meetings it is heresy…would love to see a Voight Clip….

  18. 2:56… Click the picture above this post and open the video. At around 15 minutes, ten seconds the Councilman leans into the mic and says “douchebag” very clearly. Not hearesay but, rather, fact.

  19. Voigt’s Verbal Vomit. Love it

  20. Nobody douches any more. It’s defunct.

  21. So….Jeff…..don’t you think it’s time for you to take a deep breath and sign yourself in to Bergen Pines? I mean, really, we all see that you are losing it.

  22. Wow. Is this guy just a mess or what? Can’t believe I voted for him. Voight did a bait and switch with a big front of working with people. He’s divisive and nasty. Sound familiar? Jeff Voight-Aronsohn. Badmouth others while calling everyone else mean. Disgusting.

  23. Isn’t knights of columbus part of Mt. Carmel church? This guy is posting knights of Columbus events on Facebook. He’s a member and allegedly a church usher. Whaz up with that?

  24. I finally figured it out. Jeff Voigt is the love child from the menage-a-trois of Aronsohn-Pucciarelli-Hauck. He wound up with a genetic mix from all three of his parents. From Mommy Gwenn he got his foul mouth, following in her footsteps by calling members of the public as well as elected colleagues by nasty names. From Daddy Albert he got his trigger temper, going off like a roman candle with the slightest provocation if anyone dares to question him or submit an OPRA on him. And from Daddy Paul he got his sneaky underhandedness, coupled with an insatiable need to see his name in print, sending endless ridiculous letters to the Ridgewood News. It’s a genetic disaster in the form of one little man.

  25. Believe me, folks, Mr. Voigt does not give a damn about his language or his demeanor. I was with him at the League of Women Voters meeting yesterday and he was completely oblivious of how disrespected he is, douchebag comment being just one of his many, many infractions.. And he was yucking it up and having sidebar conversations with Sonenfeld…..all while telling the League how to conduct their business. He is beyond horrible.

  26. @ 3:34. I know it is fact I heard it and have seen it personally. I just thought there are so many insidents that it would be great to see them all put together in a short video for those who don’t know how ridiculous this mans behavior is…they can see the many side to him in a clip then it would be so much more believable because for someone to act like this and hold a position it is awful.

    Although we have seen it for years from the 3 others!!!

  27. Making the League’s openness to all turn out to be a big mistake. The snakes are in the nest now.

  28. We must improve on our shared services program.

  29. So last night Voigt said he was sorry that the mic was on. Not sorry he said it. His wife must have pressured him to clean up his act. But we all see through his disingenuous so-called “apology.” We see you for who you are Mr. Voigt. You are what you called someone in the audience that night – a dirty wash of germs

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