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Ridgewood Councilmen Voigt At It Again !

Jeff Voigt Ridgewood Council

January 4,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Resident Jacqueline Hone explains why she thinks Jeff Voigt’ s letter/behavior is “appalling.”

Letter: In support of HealthBarn

A resident, trusting in our local government, came forward to state his concerns and file a complaint about a Village matter. Along with his complaint, he provided pertinent information substantiating his claim (some of which is above).

Councilman Voigt published a statement, in the local newspaper and social media, smearing the resident, attacking his character and the complaint.

It is the Council’s fiduciary obligation to investigate citizen’s complaints, without bias, and provide a determination to the complaining resident. It is not their job to publicly slander residents, spread malicious gossip or tarnish a resident’s reputation in order to endorse one side.

Healthbarn advocate or not, a resident has the right to complain and question the Village on process, without fear of reprisal. Shame on Voigt for this attack and for misleading residents to believe the complaint was against Healthbarn. Residents are questioning the Village not the business. The deflecting has to stop.

9 thoughts on “Ridgewood Councilmen Voigt At It Again !

  1. Hyperbole, exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.

  2. Jeff Voigt – there are many adjectives that can be applied to this man. Liar. Evil. Unstable.

  3. Jeff Voigt. Just. Go. Away.

  4. A dozen citizens from Ridgewood received a briefing from a Yale psychiatrist in Village Hall in early December about Councilman Jeff Voigt’s fitness to be councilman — and the psychiatrist has been asked to speak with additional residents, worried about the Councilman’s mental state, later this month
    /*sarc off*/

  5. 10:30 comment is a disgrace.What’s the name of the “Yale” psychiatrist?

  6. On top of harassing residents he now adds slander and libel to his political resume.

  7. Name one other private business that receives free garbage collection. Also was the disputed PSE&G bill for the spotlights she ordered? Without her equals no spotlights, so she should pay! This woman is beginning to sound like Roberta’s twin, not just a friend. Please, please fix this problem –by eliminating it. No one deserves the gifts she gets for her business from Ridgewood. If any other businesses in town need financial help, are we going to start providing it to everyone who asks?

  8. JEFF VOIGT – if this guy had one fewer brain cell… he’d be a frickin’ plant… Total loser… His failed policies have harmed Ridgewood more than you can imagine…

  9. Richard Hertz, do not insult plants. A head of cabbage is smarter than Voigt, kinder, and nicer to look at.’

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