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Ridgewood Councilmen’s Facebook Page May Run Afoul of State law

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Ridgewood NJ, in Glen Rock a OPRA  lawsuit  in 2018 ,”a Glen Rock resident named  Timothy Larkin claimed he was “banned” from participating in a public dialogue on Councilman Skip Huisking’s Facebook page, which Huisking called an “official” page of Huisking’s, where the councilman conducts official government business.

On April 10, Larkin filed a lawsuit against the Borough of Glen Rock, and Borough Clerk Jackie Scalia, for denying an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request for access to the list of Facebook accounts blocked or removed by Glen Rock mayor Bruce Packer and all members of the Borough Council. The suit is focusing on the public Facebook pages maintained by the mayor and council members, and not their personal Facebook pages.

The lawsuits focus seems to focus on if the “official” Facebook page is in fact “official ” Glen Rock Business .

The judge eventually ruled that public officials’ social media accounts are subject to public record disclosure laws, Superior Court Judge Bonnie Mizdol ruled in June that such a list is a government record. While opened and maintained by the council members themselves, the judge noted, the accounts reflect their status as elected officials and are “designed for the sole purpose of posting information regarding official business of the borough.”

“Duly elected council members control the content of what they post and hold the ability, through blocking other Facebook users, including the plaintiff, from access to their Facebook pages and from participating in the interactive conversations occurring on those Facebook pages focused entirely on the official business of the Borough of Glen Rock; thus, subjecting those Facebook pages to OPRA,” the judge’s decision read.

Last night at the Village Council meeting in public comments Rurik Halaby presented a Facebook book post by Councilmen Voight on “cost overruns” on the Schedler house and challenged its historical significance ,which the state of New Jersey vouched for in 2014 long before the present council.  Later in the evening Boyd Loving brought up the Glen Rock lawsuit pointing out that many residents are blocked from Councilman Voigt’s Facebook page perhaps putting him in violation of state law.

Mayor Hache said  and we paraphrase If a Facebook page is used to communicate with the public it must be open to the public. He also referenced the Village of Ridgewood Code of Conduct which lists does and don’ts for social media.

21 thoughts on “Ridgewood Councilmen’s Facebook Page May Run Afoul of State law

  1. How’s it going Douchebag?

  2. Councilman Voigt is a big douche bag. Who cares what he has to say about anything.

  3. I don’t waste time with Facebook. It’s more than enough to follow this blog and the news of the world.. I see what council people stand for by following local govt. what is going on in the streets of Ridgewood now SHIT city. That’s it. I am not going to be sucked into shit media. I still read Shakespeare and Company! Name of old bookstore too.

  4. Guess you are going back to court Jeff. How happy will your wife be with MORE legal fees, hahaha

  5. More and more shit for the great village

  6. Maybe the woman who, unfortunate for her, actually married this man will now leave him before his legal fees bankrupt the family.


  8. He has run a foul of the law before this latest issue. I hope he gets sanctioned for this. Many people I know are blocked and it has bothered me that as a sitting councilman, he shares his thoughts ( if you can call them that) with only part of his constituency. What a D Bag, a word that he uses to describe residents!

  9. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. What an ass.

  10. He isn’t the only flipper on the council. I sadly supported another and he flipped on an important issue to our neighborhood . We need more honest council people like Mike

    It’s too bad

  11. An open letter to the Ridgewood Village Council:

    Please censure Councilman Jeffrey D. Voigt.

    Thank you.

  12. We expect no less from this man. He has absolutely no regard for decorum and no regard for the rules. He screams names at people, exhibits road rage, takes citizens and councilmen to court for no reason, he is just a terrible person. A horrible person.

  13. Is there any way we can get rid of this asshole?

  14. Based on what is being reported here about Councilman Voigt’s alleged misuse of his social media account, one must now wonder about the Councilman’s relationship with Gannett, Inc., owners of The Record and The Ridgewood News.

    Does Councilman Voigt provide photographs of Village events to Gannett on a gratis basis in order to ensure there is never any bad press about him? Hmm. Let’s see if either The Ridgewood News or The Record publishes anything about the investigation into the Councilman’s alleged misuse of social media.

    Time will tell the whole story.

  15. What a jerk

  16. Every council member has authenticity issues, poor judgement and lack of leadership skills and back bone. They are so afraid to be in the news or sued.

  17. How can you prove he is the only one blocking from his Facebook account? May as well check Knudsen and Hache too.

  18. There is no need to prove that he is the only one blocking from his FB. He IS the only one. Knudsen and Hache have no one blocked. NO ONE. Only one moron is breaking the rules. Only one.

  19. Voigt blocks all these people, but guess what moron, we can all see your postings because (unlike you) we have lots of friends and they show us what you write. What you are doing is totally wrong. You are an elected official (unfortunately). Tell it to the judge (again).

  20. Once an asshole, always an asshole. My sympathies to his family.

  21. Per the title of this article, Voigt runs afoul of everything ethical and moral

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