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Ridgewood Developer Looks to Back Out of Affordable Housing Commitment

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Two-Forty Associates LLC, the company behind the 43-unit Chestnut Village, under construction on Chestnut Street has filed suit against the village, alleging the municipality reneged on previously granted permission to provide special-needs housing, and instead changed its requirement to affordable units. Two-Forty Associates/Chestnut Village is owned by the Bolger family.

The developer claims it has the Ridgewood Planning Board approval to provide off-site special-needs housing with partner West Bergen Mental Healthcare. This approval by the Planning Board predates two other development applications  at 257 Ridgewood Avenue LLC (known as The Enclave) and KS Broad Street LLC who are both seeking to provide the same kind of affordable housing.

Ridgewood Village Attorney Matt Rogers told  North Jersey Media , “The Enclave filed an application specifically for special needs, where Chestnut Village did not,” and according to Rogers. “Chestnut Village only filed one application, and that application for approval was for affordable units. There is some wording in there that says they may discuss with the town later on with regards to special needs, but their approval was for affordable units.”

13 thoughts on “Ridgewood Developer Looks to Back Out of Affordable Housing Commitment

  1. Oak Street by the YMCA is in serious need of a paving…

  2. is this Saraceno’s Folly…?

  3. This whole thing sounds like there was a back room deal made with Aronsohn and Company where promises were made. The developers should have gotten them in writing – especially if they knew anything about Aronsohn.

  4. This didn’t happen under Aronsohn and Company. This deal was done with the current council.

  5. This building seems to be constructed on metal instead of concrete. I thought metal is way more expensive. Metal construction is used for office buildings. Am i missing something here?

  6. Please re-pave oak st , Robinson Pl., Douglas Drive, and Chestnut Street, those roads are in disrepair. They should be repaved before my kids go to school.

  7. Watch out, the Council might hire a lawyer to sue him for backing out

  8. “Watch out, the Council might hire a lawyer to sue him for backing out” and then we will find out what dirty little deals members of this council made.

  9. Maybe Ramon and Nancy Bigios promised healthbarn a unit. Haha. The owner of healthbarn loves to threaten neighbors and the certain council members

  10. THE ROADS are the orphans to VC AND THE COUNTY

    They don’t give a fig as to the dangerous conditions at night
    and at some point sone widower might sue the town for
    complete neglect..

    they send the county hot smuttz wagon to the holes and canyons and move along…roads need foundations –
    not just hot patch which never holds up.towns weak..

  11. This counselor seems to be a bit dirty. And we were talking about the old Counselor. Very interesting what’s going on. The mosquitoes are buzzing around in the village. And supposedly they settle with the police and fire unions too. Talk about tightlipped.

  12. Villagers need to wake up. The police, fire and Downes Tree Service all being taken care of, along with the developers dumping contaminated soil at Schedler. But this Council doesn’t care about any of the rest of us. Self-interested narcissists, all of them!

  13. We need to start investigating the bid process because the same people are getting more jobs. Somehow someway they are being informed about other bitters to put in a lower amount so they win the bid. I think we are stupid.

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