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Ridgewood Doctor Presses the Village Council on the Harsh Realities of Airborne Carcinogens Near the Schedler Property

Schedler Park

December 7,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, at last night council meet Dr. Salvin Santino made a compelling case during public comment  that Dr. Santino said he was flabbergasted that the Village was still considering  sports fields at the Schedler Property. The Dr. went on to say that is it “medically wrong”  to have children exercise in an area with close proximity to a very trafficked high way .

Dr. Santino went on to share the science data that led to his statement . “Pollutions comes in many different forms . Most pollution we talk about is small particle carbon dioxide but there are other kinds of pollution ie large particle pollution generated from cars and trucks” in exhaust, with diesel fumes being among the most carcinogenic   . The Doctor then referred to the brake down of rubber from car tires, and the release of carcinogens when brakes on cars are applied.

Exercise he said ,”only increases your metabolism  and increases your intake of carcinogens if you are near them”. he went on “Children are even more susceptible to the negative effects of these carcinogens.”

20 thoughts on “Ridgewood Doctor Presses the Village Council on the Harsh Realities of Airborne Carcinogens Near the Schedler Property

  1. The sky is also falling. Trust me, I’m a Doctor.

  2. If we’re worried about carcinogens from tire breakdown, then why do we cover turf fields in tiny rubber pellets that bake in the hot sun all day? Same effect, but way worse…

  3. Plenty of fields next to highways all over the country.

  4. This plan is a travesty. So freaking ridiculous. The council is caving in to the sports people. sickening.

  5. That picture is Paul Darpa who used to be so oppsed to the field at Schedler. He was on the committee who now proposes a field. What???

  6. I watched the video of the council meeting. The Doctor’s wife, who spoke right after him, actually said the property should be used for little children to play.

  7. What about the eagles that Hache and Sedon , and Knudsen said were nesting at Schedler. I wonder if the disruption from building will discourage them.

    And yes, artificial turf causes cancer. The council wants that there too.

    And what about kids learning to care for the environment , learning to wait there turn or possibly have other activities when they cant play ball, like past generations, like myself and my famous family of relatives all scientists and academics who did not play organized sports and get a BA from Marist but instead a PHD from Cal Tech and Stanford and Chicago Univ. And the BA from Marist guy is a stupid idiot…VALET Parking and SPORTS DUH…….. Well, I shop online and when I want a fancy meal that I don’t cook myself I frequent the city. My famous cousin who is a famous historian of cookery and a James Beard award winner, did not play sports by the way, recommends the restaurants in NYC for me. And by the way, the hoy polloi eat at home most of the time and invite people for conversation. Meaningful conversation informative communication, . Do you know what CONVERSATION is.The hoi polloi know how to cook simple to prepare delicious home cooking and they know how to converse.

  8. Remember the history

    Locals wanted to prevent a mini mall so they pushed for village to purchase for use as fields, etc when they got the deal desires changed and suddenly this was a historic nature preserve

    Simple answer now is to sell the property, put it back on tax rolls and be happy we will soon have a new 7-11 or Starbucks

    Saving this old mess of a house and now everything except for the spotted owls who all supposedly occupy this land is comical

    While we are selling also get rid of habernackel Another waste of money

  9. From the make up of the AdHoc committee, its now clear who is running the show in the background and who us pushing for the artificial turf. Follow the money.

  10. 9:50 makes an excellent point. To amplify that point, look at the google map of schedler, then look less than a mile north on 17 at Hollywood Ave, on the west side of the highway, and you’ll see….. hmmmmmm….. what can that be?!? A PARK! AND A BALL FIELD! Oh the humanity! Carcinogens! Foul Balls! Eagles! I think 11:21 had a great point too. Sell it.

  11. The town needs a good field. Don’t listen to the old people on this site all they do is bitch and complain just to bitch and complain. Oh my taxes, don’t chang anything, don’t cut down my tree…

  12. You are right 11:21. I remember that well.

  13. Speaking of nonsense, isn’t about time the village fixes the leaf collection problem….?

    I drove to the Y tonight and it was laughable trying to sneak around piles before the driver on the other side of the road tried to take the middle of the road before me.

    Maybe I don’t know my ass from my elbow but why can’t we buy 2 of those leaf trucks with the vacuum hoses attached to the back and suck the leaves up all day long ?

    There has to be a better way….

  14. 7:12 We could have bought 2 of those trucks if we didn’t have to pay Park Mobile all tha money

  15. 4.:17pm. We know who you are, because of your filthy language.

  16. SW. Take a break from posting comments please. Multiple comments don’t help.

  17. 7:12: The Village purchased one of those single operator vacuum trucks prior to the 2016 leaf season. The truck was plagued with electronic (computer controlled joy stick) and mechanical issues from day 1. It never worked right and they were unable to fix it in 2016. They tried fixing it prior to this year’s leaf season, but go no where. Tens of thousands of dollars down the drain.

  18. 2-4″ expected tomorrow…we see this early storm scenario about every other year.
    This means the plows will be pushing the leaves all over the place.

    There’s got to be a better way….

  19. Siobhan, Siobhan, Siobhan

  20. Fields do exist near many major highways, but that does not mean it’s a good idea. How many of them are newer fields built after the harm from exhaust and pollutants were known? I don’t think we can sell it because it was mainly bought with Green Acres money but that still could be the only practical use for it. I do feel that not enough real study was done before we determined that horrible house was historic. Yes, it is listed in the historical records of Bergen County but if anyone takes the time to read the footnotes, any place in Bergen County may be listed as historic if anyone in the county recommends it. After it is listed, then grants may be obtained to find out if it is really historic or just someone’s great idea. Also, has anyone found out that, if it is called historic, that all applicable handicap provisions that must be made to any building opened for public use after any restoration are not necessary? That alone would cost a lot of money that either must be added in (like the Stable–it had to be handicapped accessible) or officially found not to be necessary. Finally, rubber fields have had many studies declaring them to be hazardous and a cause of cancer. It just hasn’t had an official condemnation by a Medical society yet.

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