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Ridgewood Emergency Service Volunteers Holiday Weekend

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Ridgewood NJ, Come by Ridgewood Emergency Services at 8 am on Saturday April 27 to help the volunteers, along with Ridgewood Department of Parks and Recreation for a Spring cleanup of the grounds. Green thumbs most welcomed.   Also, meet members and find out more about Volunteering at Ridgewood Emergency Services

While most of the Village residents were enjoying the holiday weekend at home with their friends and families, the volunteers of Ridgewood Emergency Services were busy responding to requests for medical assistance throughout the Village.  According to Acting Chief Ryan Savaria, there were a total of 11 EMS calls and one request for Special Operations. “This is an average amount of requests “ stated Savaria. While not responding to calls, the volunteers perform routine checks of all equipment, supplies and making sure that they are ready for the next call. In 2018, RES resonded to over 1650 calls for medical assistance.

Ridgewood Emergency Services (RES) has been an integral part of the Village of Ridgewood for over 40 years. Through this period, there has been huge growth and change in the Village. RES has grown with the times in having the most highly trained volunteers and with the latest in equipment. RES prides itself in exceeding current best practices throughout the county and the state as well as on the national level.
Please support RES by getting involved in the Volunteer Department. RES provides critical services to the residents of the Village. Contact RES  and by e mail

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