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November 14,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Emergency Services will be conducting a training exercise on Thursday November 16th, at approximately 645 PM, at the Graydon Pool North Parking Lot, located at Linwood Avenue and Northern Parkway. There will be a large presence of emergency vehicles, ambulances and emergency medical personnel for approximately 2 hours. Do not be alarmed. This simulated training incident, will be an exercise that will be an evaluation on the readiness of Ridgewood Emergency Services from aspects including radio communications, triage and evacuation procedures as well as treatment necessities if there would be a mass casualty incident in the Village of Ridgewood.  The information learned from this exercise will help Ridgewood Emergency Services evaluate procedures and protocols that may need to be changed or added to the current operating matrix and training and help determine if any new and additional equipment may be needed for the Department.  The Volunteer members of Ridgewood Emergency Services must be situational aware at all times. The almost daily events in our country and around the world are changing the way we think and respond to mass casualty incidents. Training must always be ongoing.  The public is welcome to come to see this training exercise and maybe it will spark an interest to become involved.


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