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Ridgewood Farmers Market Starts Sunday June 25, 2017


Ridgewood Farmers Market:

Sun, June 25, 2017 – Sun, November 19, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Train Station Parking Lot, Godwin Ave & W Ridgewood Ave

Celebrating 17 years with Farm to table, fresh and delicious produce.Ridgewood’s Farmers’ Market , Every Sunday from 9am-3pm ,westside of NJ Transit train station…Enjoy our farmers vegetables and fruit until Thanksgiving.

Stroll and get some fresh Mozzarella.
Homemade Jams-with flavors you cannot get any other place.
Fresh baked goods, preservative free.
Pickles on a stick for the kids and more.
Beautiful flowers for your yard.

FARM – and more – TO your TABLE…
for more details – [email protected]

5 thoughts on “Ridgewood Farmers Market Starts Sunday June 25, 2017

  1. Yes as they chop up the only pedestrian median to squeeze 10 compact car spaces into a hazardous exit pattern today. Note for the top tier parking pass power parkers. Towns a joke

  2. The above is correct. I pleaded with the mayor and deputy mayor not to do that chopping and think about the Farmer’s Market, but they said never fear the path they will construct for walking will be fine.

    Look guys, once the Franklin high rise is approved the cause of the town will be lost, I have found another cause; it’s not hard.

  3. 8.52 is spot on this important issue of safety at the busy shared train parking and pedestrian throughway lanes of the current station.

    There is no way that this blatant Pedestian area land grab for top tier VIP parking rates will enhance Pedestian safety during the busy work week both load in and hectic end day rush hour periods .Even if they carved out
    10 to 12 new compact car spots from the grass and safety zones it is just plain wrong and unsafe.None of these folks voting on this expensive I’ll thought out plans use the station at peak year round five days a week.

    This is to show some political will to lift every stone to exploit footage for
    Revenue on the road to Garagezilla.They don’t give a damm folks.
    Despite the VIP train parking being underutilized during summer and other main holidays due its exclusivity for rich commuter 1000 dollar plus pass holders safety during summer farmers markets is not on any radars.So many kids and elders are there each summer Sunday . How are we to believe more compact cars and less walkway amd mediums will somehow be made safer than today by 15 to 20 cars backing out during commuter rush hours and constantly during Sunday market peak hours.we are talking safety vs dollars here and the merchants political games on the road to Garazilla for the developers.Appeals to leave the lot alone never found a open ear on the council.

  4. Oh!! too bad; too sad.

    I just came back from the opening of the Farmer’s Market in town. The produce is magnificent. There are even strawberries from a nearby New York farmer’s market. First time I saw them there. They are delicious. Couldn’t wait to pop one in my mouth.

    The little island walkway, is already narrow. I can’t imagine it being narrowed further. People are enthusiastic about the fresh fruits and vegetables, why discourage people from coming by narrowing the island. For what? a few cars. I wonder if the council frequents the farmer’s market with their “busy” schedules. So they can see for themselves how narrow the walkway already is.

    Everything BAD is called progress. Count me out. I did contact the council on not narrowing island , but they said they will do it so that the new path will be effective. Yeah, sure. And the high rise on Franklin will be great for the town too. Town too bad, too sad.

  5. 9.26..good logical approach ..completely agree that the current busy Townspeoples expensive commuter lot should be left as is.Will that win the day..never in RIDGEWOOD..agendas need to be kept and towns taxpayers get screwed again..lets at least be honest with each other here.It’s the wicked road to Garagezilla…agendas need to be worked ..its RIDGEWOOD,,,ironically more Fish level restaurants on thin ice…

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