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Ridgewood Fire and Police Respond To A Business Emergency at 1am

photo by Wahid Essafi

Ridgewood NJ, “B” Shift responding to a local business to tape a tarp up after the front window of their store collapsed at 1 AM. many residents are well aware that anytime any place you can rest assured the Ridgewood Police and Fire department will be there to help! 

this was posted in a Facebook group by the business owners  :

“All of us at E. Clarke Travel want to send a huge shout out of thanks to the Ridgewood Police and Fire Department. Talk about them being there for you when you need them, even at 1:00am!! When the big front window of our store front business on East Ridgewood Ave collapsed into at least one million pieces last night, the police were there to help. When we could not get any emergency glass repair service to come, they called the Fire Department, who came with a full staff to tape up a tarp to protect our business. The police even parked a patrol car outside our store all night to keep watch. That is service above and beyond. Thank you so much for being there and caring enough to go the extra mile.

A very special thank you to Lieutenant Pullman, Officers Ward, Monton and Torres from the Ridgewood Police Department and Firefighters Musicant, Rohrman, Taylor and Fetkowitz from the Ridgewood Fire Department”

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