photos courtesy of Boyd Loving

May 25,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Members of Ridgewood Fire Department Engine Company 35 and Tower Ladder 36 rescued “Theo” (a pet cat) from a tree located in the 100 block of Hope Street, Ridgewood, on Thursday afternoon, 05/24. Theo was chasing a bird and became stuck in the tree early Thursday morning. When firefighters responded to 7:00 AM Thursday morning call for assistance from Theo’s owner, Theo was unfortunately in location unreachable by ladder. Luckily, Theo changed his location as the day progressed. After receiving a second phone call for assistance, firefighters were able to reach Theo’s new perch shortly after 3:00 PM. Ridgewood Firefighter Kurt Harba performed the actual rescue. Harba quickly hustled a nervous and squirming Theo into his owner’s house immediately after descending a 35 foot ground ladder taken off of Tower Ladder 36.

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