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Ridgewood Fire Rescue Cat from a Tree

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving

May 25,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Members of Ridgewood Fire Department Engine Company 35 and Tower Ladder 36 rescued “Theo” (a pet cat) from a tree located in the 100 block of Hope Street, Ridgewood, on Thursday afternoon, 05/24. Theo was chasing a bird and became stuck in the tree early Thursday morning. When firefighters responded to 7:00 AM Thursday morning call for assistance from Theo’s owner, Theo was unfortunately in location unreachable by ladder. Luckily, Theo changed his location as the day progressed. After receiving a second phone call for assistance, firefighters were able to reach Theo’s new perch shortly after 3:00 PM. Ridgewood Firefighter Kurt Harba performed the actual rescue. Harba quickly hustled a nervous and squirming Theo into his owner’s house immediately after descending a 35 foot ground ladder taken off of Tower Ladder 36.

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11 thoughts on “Ridgewood Fire Rescue Cat from a Tree

  1. My dog is pissed that his master’s tax dollars were used to rescue a cat who was clearly harassing an innocent bird.

  2. A bird in paw is worth more than a bird in a tree. a Cat Aesop fable.

  3. Just remember that humans do the most damage to humans and animals alike.

  4. Come on folks lets give the RFD kudos for rescuing Theo. They are consummate professionals who reach out to assist both humans and animals in need. They deserve our praise.

  5. Cute cat. Poor planner tho.

  6. Thank you to the RFD for saving the little kitty. You guys are the BEST

  7. 33 MM Budget $100k salaries and pensions to boot.
    And so the boys who save basements saved a cat on my dime.
    The people of Ridgewood are suckers plain and simple.
    Who else would let this farce continue.

  8. It sure sounds like 4:44 is a bitter blue lighter who’s couldn’t pass the test. Waaaaah

  9. Test?
    6:06 will have us believe that the NJ Civil Service exam is akin to an entrance exam to one of our better universities that you so obviously did not attend. There is a reason you brought crayons to your exam 606 and that’s pretty evident in your comment above.

  10. 11:35 The NJ Civil Service exam is not an easy test. In fact, one of it’s problems is that people challenge that it is biased against minorities. You must have a fairly decent education in order to pass, and a much better education in order to obtain a high ranking.

  11. Recuses??

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