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Ridgewood GAP on the Chopping Block

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Gap Inc. announced Thursday that it plans to shutter approximately 230 stores in the next two years. Last year, the San Francisco-based corporation had a total of 725 specialty stores (excluding those in China), and this week, the company revealed it saw a 5 percent decrease in the brand’s global sales, according to its 2018 earnings report.

Gap Inc. has yet to finalize its list of stores that will close. It appears that the Ridgewood Gap has made the list, the store appears to be holding final sales and ready for shuttering .

Lets face it the GAP has not been cool since 1980 and its non descript clothing is easy to buy on the internet. Given New Jersey aggressively anti business governor and legislator its easy to see how New Jersey may bear the brunt of GAP closings.

5 thoughts on “Ridgewood GAP on the Chopping Block

  1. Whenever I walked into the store the sales people were very aggressive. I had to tell them to leave me browse by myself. I never bought anything. Oh, yes once I bought some socks….turned out poor quality.

  2. Damn….
    If only we had a GINORMOUS GARAGE, the Gap would not be closing…..

  3. Garage asshole, garage asshole, garage asshole, garage asshole

  4. seems that ‘Dammed’ Hit a Garage Zilla fans last nerve ..

    love it ..Garage is an Epic scam for the over developers and deal for the former Fish Bank site

  5. Rumor has it that there is a new landlord for the building who jacked the rents and WOULD NOT negotiate with Gap so the store is closing after almost 25 years!! 10 vacant storefronts on Ridgewood Ave. alone!!

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