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Ridgewood High School artificial turf Vandalized

Ridgewood High School artificial turf Vandalized

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

September 30,2015
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ , Ridgewood PD Patrol Officer Steven Shortway and Ridgewood High School Athletic Director Keith Cook examine damage to an athletic field at Ridgewood High School caused by vandals who burned two (2) separate large images of male genitalia into the artificial turf. No exact dollar estimate of the damage was immediately available, but reports are that it could cost several thousand dollars to repair.

9 thoughts on “Ridgewood High School artificial turf Vandalized

  1. Sounds like a case of peni$ envy to me….

  2. Good grief. They should pull that garbage out and put the grass back.

  3. Must be some of the village idiots.

  4. Aren’t we covered by vandal damage on school property? Let the police follow up on this.

  5. Did they ever catch the vandal who spray painted a similar image on the Ridgewood storefront this summer?

  6. I demand equal rights for women.

  7. Let’s hope gets their hands around this problem….

  8. What? We don’t have security cameras around the schools? Really?

  9. This is a hard problem

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