file photo by Boyd Loving
May 17,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, RHS delivers results of “social norms” poll with some surprising results .According a letter sent out by Principal Thomas A Gorman  out of the 400 students who participated over 90% say they never have used tobacco, 61% have not used alcohol in the last 60 days  ,76% do not consume alcohol in an average week, 78% never use marijuana , 90% never use marijuana in the average week .

84% of students say they do not go to parties where alcohol is served and 84% say their parents never let them drink alcohol.

Not sure what to make of this , but apparently the huge house party last week  that was broken up by Police from Ridgewood , Fair Lawn and Paramus  was a one off unusual circumstance ?
Is de-nile more than a river in Eqypt? Or are our kids just way more responsible than we were ?