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Ridgewood High Schools Academic Decline

Ridgewood High School class of 2016

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Ridgewood NJ, according to the NJ Department of Education since 2008 Ridgewood High School’s ranking has declined from number 7 over all to number 36 . In the same 10 year period the Ridgewood school budget has nearly doubled to a whopping $110,000,000.

In recent years Ridgewood High School has become more known for staging protests  student fights and sexting scandals than academic achievement.

While parents are held hostage by veiled threats from administrators and the with holding of recommendation letters from teachers .

The Ridgewood board of education spent over 20 minutes during Monday nights BOE meeting finalizing the steps they are going to take in next three Board of Education meetings to reverse the Village council’s vote  giving resident back the vote on School Budgets and take away that budget vote from Ridgewood taxpayers .

During the meeting ,Ridgewood Public School Business Administrator Antoinette Kelly reviewed the draft schedule for the 2019-2020 school year budgeting process, which begins in October and ends with the school election in April. The BOE then passed a resolution to revisit the Village of Ridgewood Council vote to restore the April election. The Board will invite the Council to discuss the issue, as well as offer public hearings on the topic this fall.





4 thoughts on “Ridgewood High Schools Academic Decline

  1. The RHS principal put a great deal of personal sweat equity into the numerical success of that “nineteen minutes hate” session on the front lawn of the school last year. As the event was transpiring, he was milling about with the assembled journalists and videographers, childishly urging them to report the fake news “official number”, i.e., that fully 1,000 students refused to take instruction and skipped out on class en masse to bash the second amendment right to keep and bear arms.

  2. How many students were accepted to Ivy League schools? If the answer isn’t “a lot”, then it’s time to rethink what that $110 million is really buying us? (students at high schools with 1/4 of that budget routinely get accepted to 2nd and 3rd tier schools, so not a great benchmark)

  3. They keep increasing the class sizes which of course decreases learning. More and more kids jammed into classes, starting with kindergarten. Remember when 18 was MAX??? Now they have 25 and more. Learning drops. Concentration drops. But instead of hiring more teachers and opening more sections, they instead hire more administrators and increase the Fishbein salaray and add some jackass courses in the highschool like conversational nepalese.

  4. It’s a TRADITION of excellence…. not ACTUAL excellence.
    When are you going to get this?

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