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August 11,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Village Council approved the funding and the proposal from Epic Management, Inc., to move forward with the Hudson Street parking garage. This will provide additional parking in the Central Business District for shoppers, diners, commuters, and employees. The current timeline indicates that the garage should be completed by early spring 2020.


  1. “additional parking in the Central Business District for shoppers, diners, commuters” – Too bad a lot of people will decide to shop and eat elsewhere with the higher parking fees. A lot of these spaces will go empty and eventually will go to our future apartment dwelling residents…..and we’ll all be paying for it……again!

  2. So why do we need to spend $50 plus to add 35 min parking spots at the train station if their building the garage. SPEND SPEND SPEND

  3. Cue the lawyers. Realtor Ramon is selling out to the county politico bosses he so loves to pose with and the rest of the council is following along. How many 8-figure boondoggles can the village absorb?

  4. I love it love the big garage. This past I can’t believe hospital did not.

  5. A realtor can never be a good mayor due to his personal interests. All other council members are following him blindly and this stinks. They seem to be at awe with him. Shame on us for voting so wrong. But then again the alternative was frightening on a different level. Hopeless.

  6. Wish there were an ordinance against having anyone professionally involved with real estate sales or development on any village governing or land use board. Fox guarding the chickens and there go all our eggs.

  7. Something needs to wake up this council. They all act like they are zoned on something and thus can’t hear the citizens requests or complaints. and bonding more than the average yearly income all in one year is just ridiculous.

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