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Ridgewood JOLT Now Working to Subvert Democracy?

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, strange goings on at Ridgewood JOLT, the organization that claims :

Ridgewood JOLT is a community organization activating citizens to JOIN ORGANIZE LEAD and TEACH. Our mission is to protect and fight for our democracy through active participation in upcoming elections, monitoring and acting on legislative activity, educating ourselves and others as to our rights and our laws, and using the power of our purse to affect change and require accountability from corporations dependent on our economic participation.

Yet three of its members are in full agreement in attempts to “filter” and censor a group of ‘known agitators” clearly subverting the cause of democracy that thrives off of vigorous debate and goes gainst its stated mission.

9 thoughts on “Ridgewood JOLT Now Working to Subvert Democracy?

  1. Just look who the main commenters are in JOLT. Jan Philips, Jeanne Thiesen, Roberta sonenfeld….. The angry, self righteous crowd.,

  2. JOLT means, if you agree with me, you are kind, good citizen.
    If you dont agree with me, then you are agitator, russia supporter, constitution killer etc etc..
    jOLT means “ONLY I AM RIGHT”

  3. Would Ridgewood JOLT hesitate to unmask
    the anonymous commenters on if they had the opportunity?

  4. “Fight for democracy” and they pull this gag a group movement. WTH!

  5. Another fake group, with a personal one sided agenda, tricking and exploiting its members.

  6. Jeanne Theisen, not the sharpest tool in the shed. What were you thinking, or not!

  7. That conversation did not take place on JOLT-
    Not sure where in FB it took place or what it was referring to.
    So this article is deliberately misleading and defamatory and there are probably grounds for legal recourse.
    In other words. It’s fake news.

  8. it is from jolts Facebook page and is a screen shot , as for anything defamatory better pray the “agitators ” don’t sue you into oblivion

  9. Notafan of what, understanding? You can’t argue facts. Let me outline for you.
    1) Ridgewood JOLT’s mission (as seen on their page) is to protect and fight for democracy .
    2) Jeanne Theisen, a Jolt leader, started a Facebook “call to action” to silence a group of residents exercising their democratic right.
    3) Several RW Jolt members are in full agreement in attempts to “filter” and censor said group.

    The only #fakenews is what this leader and group claim to be.

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