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Ridgewood League of Women’s Voters Village Council Candidate Forum Promises Fireworks

April 15,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood League of Women’s Voters will hold a Village Council Candidate Forum on Monday April 30 at Village Hall at  131 N Maple Ave, in Ridgewood in the Ridgewood Village Hall Court Room.

There are four candidates for Village Council vying for two seats ; challengers Alexander Harwin  and Janice Willett face off against Mayor Susan Knudsen and Deputy Mayor Mike Sedon.

According to the league the candidates will read a back ground statement and then answer questions submitted by the League of Women Voters and members of the community .

While the league continues to bill itself as a ‘non partisan” organization with Crystal Matsibekker, President , Jane Shinozuka, Vice President, Ellie Gruber, Membership Chair , most outsiders view the league as another far leftists agenda driven organization with former Mayor Paul Aronsohn as the puppet master.

The league currently supports leftist causes such as “climate change “, illegals voting , claims there is no voter fraud (lol) , the Dream act, gun confiscation, illegal immigration, and Obamacare .

It will be interesting to watch if the league manufactures softball questions for Alexandra Harwin  an Aronsohn protégé  or it actually asks relevant questions about issues facing the Village of Ridgewood .

Observers say watch carefully for a stacked audience looking to attack the mayor with the usual litany of “nepotism, and wasteful spending “, while waving the rainbow flag and promoting over development and destruction of the Village of Ridgewood.

The forum will be broadcast on cable 77,fios 34 and streamed live on YouTube .

11 thoughts on “Ridgewood League of Women’s Voters Village Council Candidate Forum Promises Fireworks

  1. I am indeed a VP of the League but I do NOT promise fireworks…. However I can promise unconditionally that our questions are NOT “manufactures softball questions”. I can also promise the we ARE a non-partisan organization. I believe our local league is a champion of municipal “sunshine” and our public events and outreach dutifully serve all members of the community. SO there!…

    Good thing I am such a good-natured soul or I would suggest that this posting is over the top, even for you, PJ Blogger…
    You are such a b-buster… and remember that is coming from a (self-proclaimed) good-natured soul.

  2. When Aronsohn and crew all joined at once not too long ago, the League could not turn them away…unfortunately. Naturally they have tried to take over as much as possible. But they can’t superintend the candidates’ debate.

  3. Ugh…stop trying to help them make our nonpartisan election into a partisan one…please. Mayor Knudsen and Deputy Mayor Sedon are running as dedicated and honest public servants. Harwin and Willett are running as inexperienced, ignorant liars. Many Liberals are rejecting their vitriol, so don’t help them paint an ugly and false picture of partisan politics here. This is not about Republicans and Democrats. And as far as I’m concerned, Aronsohn and his crew are deceitful opportunists who call themselves Democrats. I could call myself Elon Musk, doesn’t mean I am.

  4. Jane.. youre taking stuff on this site seriously… 5 anonymous cranks are meaningless….

  5. PJ, you are one laugh riot.

    Jane Shinozuka, the b-busting will continue until morale improves.

  6. pesmith – if I actually took everything here seriously I couldn’t read it… B-busters don’t really bother me – they have their place in the world.

  7. Harwin and her pals have nothing to run on so they’re playing the antisemitic and democrat v republican card. That should show us how useless they are.

  8. As a Jew, a lifelong Democrat, and a liberal, I completely reject the Aronsohn (Harwin-Willett) platform of hatred and disinformation. They make me sick. Susan and Mike are dedicated public servants who must be reelected or we will be in major trouble.

  9. 7:48 please re-read your first three sentences…begins all white and fluffy then comes down like a mudslide on how you really feel.That’s just fine after you consider Alt-delete the non partisan liers part.Have a nice day Ridgewood.Expect more broken promises from all of them..Higher Taxes..that’s a fact. Ps pave a surface lot..make america safe again…

  10. Lol 7:48, No one could ever accuse me of being white and fluffy. Go to a Knudsen/Sedon coffee. You are woefully ignorant of what our Mayor and Deputy Mayor have accomplished.

    P.S. Last year our municipal tax increase was well below the cap at under 1%. This year, the BOE is proposing an end run around the 2% cap, asking for a 3.62% increase. That’s 2/3 thirds of our property tax bills right there. So if you’re worried about taxes, you need to attend more BOE meetings and make your complaints there. The Village Council has no jurisdiction over the BOE budget unless it gets voted down. And since we voted away our right to vote on the BOE budget, that cannot happen. How much do you want to bet you don’t remember that vote? But you do know how to complain.

  11. And really James, half of your threads on the blog right now came from a leftist, a progressive, a liberal to the extreme who happens to remember that we have nonpartisan elections…me. And I’m supporting Knudsen and Sedon. The League may have been infected since the last municipal election by the likes of Aronsohn and Hauck, et al, but when you attack intelligent and responsible citizens like the ones you named, you not only show your ignorance, you actually help to promote Willett and Harwin’s propaganda.

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