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Ridgewood librarian Gina Mitgang retires after 25 years

Ridgewood librarian Gina Mitgang , Ridgewood Public Library
photo courtesy of Ridgewood Public Libary’s Facebook page

Ridgewood librarian Gina Mitgang retires after 25 years 

March 26,2016

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Ridgewood NJ, long-time Ridgewood librarian Gina Mitgang retires from Ridgewood Public Library .Mitgang, was named the Ridgewood Public Library’s first full-time “Young Adult” Librarian in 1997, and spent of 25 years at the Ridgewood Public Library.

On the Library’s Facebook page her retirement was marked ; “How can we thank you, Gina Mitgang, for your tremendous legacy at the Library? We hope you felt the love and respect expressed from the many teens, friends, family and colleagues (past and present) today. There will never be another you!”

4 thoughts on “Ridgewood librarian Gina Mitgang retires after 25 years

  1. Strengthen our downtown


    I support the parking deck because those who earn their living in our downtown and operate its businesses are literally pleading with us to end decades of inaction. Making a go of it as retailers in a high-rent town like ours is tough enough. To survive, they must compete successfully with Internet giants and big-box stores with parking galore a short drive away. In my 27 years of residence here, I’ve seen too many beloved businesses like Drapkins and Irish Eyes disappear or relocate — stores that for years contributed greatly to the village’s distinctive character. The chronic and worsening paucity of parking certainly hasn’t helped.

    We’ve had a productive public debate since the November referendum produced an overwhelming vote in favor of the deck. Residents have contributed great ideas and valid criticisms, and the village council has responded with significant changes to the design. But some of the more implacable critics have repeatedly summoned up a parade of imaginary horribles. To hear some tell it, for example, Ridgewood is just a parking deck away from becoming — gasp! — another “Hackensack,” overrun with non-resident commuters. Even if the deck does attract some non-Ridgewood patrons, such out-of-towners might just discover a shop or two they like, or a new restaurant to try. More to the point, those who worry about what a parking deck might do to erode the character of our village should think hard about what the perennial lack of parking has already done in the last two decades to change the face of our once-quaint retail district.

    So let’s not continually make the perfect the enemy of the good. Let’s not nullify the November vote. Let’s lend a helping hand to Ridgewood’s business district and to all who depend upon and enjoy it. I hope that all five council members will come together and enthusiastically support the deck, at long last.

    Lee D. Mitgang

  2. Lee D. Mitgang – this parking deck is going to benefit 4 individuals, not everyone in CBD.
    A parking deck at north walnut will be good for everyone.

  3. These are the comments for “Ridgewood librarian Gina Mitgang retires after 25 years”?

  4. Library works great…great staff..good listeners and professionals every day..keep up the great hall stay away from this great have messed up everything else in this town including oarking rates and annual pass screw job on taxpayers

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