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Ridgewood Library Asks Supporters to Flood the April 24th Village Council Meeting to Promote its Virtues


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Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood library is asking patrons to flood the April 24th meeting of the Village Council to promote its virtues .

“What does the Ridgewood Library mean to you? We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences about how RPL has enhanced your life during the public portion of the Village Council Meeting on Wednesday, April 24 @ 7:30pm.”

While we are sold on Libraries in general and think the Ridgewood Library does a stand up job , recent proposals by the Library Board to expand and enhance the facilities while deemphasizing books makes us very nervous.

Would we be presumptuous to assume the Library is looking to demonstrate good will while it lobbies for a big renovation?

“Why is the Ridgewood Library important to you?
We celebrate National Library Week each April and this year we would like to invite all interested residents to share a few words about what the Ridgewood Library means to you during the public portion of the April 24 Village Council Meeting.
Maybe you have:  Brought your children to a storytime  Improved your English through our ESL Program  Studied in a quiet space for an important exam  Learned about new technologies in a MakerSpace program  Mastered Excel through a computer class  Met and made friends through a book club, movie screening, DIY craft  Volunteered as a teen or adult  Received great book recommendations from a staff that knows you  Learned how to download e-books, magazines, movies and magazines
Please consider sharing your thoughts with the Council and community.

Wednesday, April 24 @ 7:30pm Village Council Meeting, Village Hall “

10 thoughts on “Ridgewood Library Asks Supporters to Flood the April 24th Village Council Meeting to Promote its Virtues

  1. Vote Yes for Parking

    Vote Yes for All Day K

    Say you like the Library

    All being promoted on the taxpayers’ dime. WTF!

  2. I have not used the library in years.

    I use kindle. Have access to online library at work.

  3. towns on crack

    endless spending of other people’s money until the
    carnival screeches to a collapse ..with taxpayers rushing for the real estate exit doors

  4. I’ll be there… I live in HoHokus

  5. This is nothing more than a cheap and outrageous attempt on the part of Nancy Greene and the entire Library Board of Trustees at bullying the Village Council into funding the Library’s grandiose, expensive, and completely unwarranted expansion project.

    You’re a bully Nancy Greene! Shame on you.

  6. I’ll be there… I live in Midland Park.

  7. Nancy Greene is not a bully. Any more than all the speakers at the mic on various issues over the years be it Schedler, the parking garage, Graydon pool and other issues, parking problems requests for signage. All of these people came in groups and were encouraged by a leader on an issue. I participated on several of these issues.

    The people who show from towns other than Ridgewood will have to say their name and address. They do not pay taxes here. So they will not be counted; I think. Nancy Greene is suggesting, she is not forcing anyone. If library employees speak; the council will be aware of that. I love the library but do not feel it needs such a huge make over at this time. Some cosmetic changes can be done from within without chopping down walls.

  8. I’ll be there… I live in Waldwick.

  9. I use the library and it is the best in the area but please no more taxes

  10. I’ll be there… I live in Hawthorne.

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