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Ridgewood Library Sought Architectural Plans before Public Input

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Ridgewood NJ according to Steve Kim on the Facebook page ,” It Takes a Ridgewood Village” Kim points out that in Library minutes excerpts from 2015 there is no mention of user survey. The library went straight to architects and Gisolfi was chosen. What are the chances they back up and incorporate resident input?

Kim said ,” Community input hasn’t been actively sought or incorporated. Just look at the past survey results (I have them via OPRA if you want to see) and it’s not hard to realize that almost nothing matches up with the proposed plan’s initiatives.

The meetings and presentations arranged these days are not set up to get Community input. Rather they are set up to check off a box so that they can tell Village Council they went out and met with the residents. The meetings are also happening because NJ Library Construction program has been delayed.The process is backwards ,these meetings should have happened in 2015-2016. Instead, they hired architects and consultants and ran with it. The process is an utter insult to the residents. Par for the course.”

4 thoughts on “Ridgewood Library Sought Architectural Plans before Public Input

  1. Yes that’s so true! And other plans they had few years ago

  2. You to see the plans for parking garage behind Village hall in the library. Be quiet you didn’t Hearst form me. Secret , opps But I must say it’s a good idea.

  3. The library has to be stopped with their wild spending plans.

  4. Kim rarely ever finds the good in the town or in people, you never see him around town at the pride event, gun violence and awareness, daffodils festivities at van ness, seen at resturants, seen at any park or graydon. Does he volunteer anywhere? Not sure the motivation but it’s very disruptive. If he knows better, perhaps he should run for an open seat upfront, not preaching from the back seat.

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