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Ridgewood Mayor Accused of Selling Tires From Her Home …huh ?

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January 11,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, at last night meeting resident Rurik Halaby claimed Mayor Knudsen was selling tires form here home and asks if Ridgewood Fire Officials had inspected the sight because it could be a fire hazard as well as an environmental hazard?

While the mayor did her best to hold a straight face and denied it , the peanut gallery was left with ,”where did that come from” moment.

13 thoughts on “Ridgewood Mayor Accused of Selling Tires From Her Home …huh ?

  1. There are no tires stored at the Mayor’s house. All merchandise is shipped directly to customers from the manufacturers’ plants. The “tire store” is a 1 person operation – phone/on line sales only. Mr. Halaby failed to mention that he too runs a business from his residence.

  2. Halaby is an idiot!

  3. Lock this idiot up to a mental facility.

  4. Lots of people use their home address for small startup businesses and limited liability companies. Using a home address for mailing doesn’t mean the business is in the garage. Ridiculous Rurick. Then the man has the balls to return to the microphone and talk about the sorry state of Ridgewood. Ridiculous Rurick should 
    look in the mirror if he wants to see who’s responsible for the ugliness.

    Knudsen was sharp with her response to his parkmobile comment. Ridiculous Rurick should’ve returned to the mic to apologize to the mayor. Of course Halabys hate her.

  5. I would call Mr. Halaby a d–che bag, but that would be errouneous, as this device is used for cleansing and he is simply a vile old man.

  6. Really who gives two shits who sells what from their house. As long it’s not illegally Merchandise. People stop the bullshit . Some people have to much time on their hands. I got a Tell ya I would never ever want to be a mayor or counseling or high-ranking official in this town, you could never ever do the right thing. Too many damn complainers

  7. And this is why nothing gets done. Too many people taking up too much time with bs

  8. This Mayor is “one and done”… she’s already accomplished what she intended to

  9. If rurik hallabee or whatever is his name is worried about a fire hazard maybe he should count the # of peeps that go into the gate house and pay to be there. It could be his new interest to make sure fire code is not broken at health barn or is he only concerned for the knudsens safety?

  10. 11:58 so true. I give Mayor Knudsen a lot of credit for her handling of the barrage of crazy lies and comments. Graceful and dignified.

  11. 6:16 love the sarcasm. Halaby hates Knudsen and her family. He keeps trying to burn her with his stupid ridiculous nasty ass comments. I love Mayor Knudsen and now I love Mayor Goodyear!

  12. 6:16 That should be done anyway as another way to show how that place continually breaks the law.

  13. Isn’t it great that we have a comedy section in our town meetings.
    Rurick is the Don Rickles of Ridgewood. Just spewing out vile comments at people with little remorse or facts.

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