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Ridgewood Moms and Dads Facebook Group Clamps Down on Dissent

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Facebook Ridgewood Moms and Dads group administrators have issued a warning in an attempt to prevent further leaks of conversations .

10 thoughts on “Ridgewood Moms and Dads Facebook Group Clamps Down on Dissent

  1. Why are adults logging onto Facebook…?

  2. Siobhan is so sad. There go the tissues. There there, sweet Siobhan, you tried to control the message and it didn’t work.

  3. So, what, are they going to sue another publisher for copyright infringement? It’s not like they are a bunch of F. Scott Fitzgeralds on that site–why is confidentiality and exclusivity so important to them?

  4. It’s Facebook, Siobhan. What expectation of privacy did you have?

  5. Winograd, you’re upset that the page content was shared, that’s what made you sad? You should be furious that members, including yourself, launched a witch hunt on neighbors for merely having an opposing view. WTF Is wrong with your anti-democracy perception!

    Any person still associated with Ridgewood Moms and Dads should unfollow immediately and warn others to do the same.

  6. There are better Ridgewood Facebook groups. No one has to deal with or fuel this BS.

    Top Alternatives
    1) Ridgewood Moms and Dads with Free Speech
    2) It Takes a Ridgewood Village

  7. Steve Freides is a good guy. Unfortunate that he’s been stuck with this…

  8. Steve Freides if you are, in fact, a good guy (as someone said), then do the right thing. Open the FB page to all who wish to join. Kill the censorship that the page is known for. Now. If you don’t, well, then we will know that you a Ed not a nice guy.

  9. Siobhan is sad. Here we go again with her public tears and wailing she is such a drama queen

  10. None of the RW FB pages or the blog are ethical. You all censor, block, edit, delete posts and bully one another. No one is setting the right example and we should all take a step back and think about how we fix this town. Stop pointing the finger and start reaching out to give a hand and compromise and collaborate. This place is worse than DC

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