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Ridgewood moves ahead with $41,000 Maple Park restoration


Ridgewood moves ahead with $41,000 Maple Park restoration


RIDGEWOOD — The Village Council signed off on a cleanup of Maple Park during its meeting Wednesday night.

The turf, which has become hardened from years of storm and floodwater damage, will undergo a complete restoration following a second round of bids on the project.

The cleanup was delayed last year, when the village rejected the sole bid it received for the project. A second round of bids was sought, and the contract was awarded Wednesday to LandTek.

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9 thoughts on “Ridgewood moves ahead with $41,000 Maple Park restoration

  1. Hey Mayor did write this story for your buddy on the record.

  2. like i said ten years a go that this will be more in servicing then grass.

  3. rip it out and put back the grass

  4. How could it be more expensive than grass when the Village hasn’t done anything to maintain it? When was the last time that field flooded? It was years ago. Why is the Village addressing this now? Because they finally heard from enough people how unsafe that playing surface had become. Parks and Rec had requested funds to rehabilitate that field for years and was turned down year after year. Only after the Village realized that they had a serious liability issue on their hands did they authorize the work to be done. But even then, they made it contingent on a matching grant from the County.

    Compare the Maple Field surface to the BOE turf fields. They’ve both been through floods and even though the Maple turf is older there is no comparison to the conditions. The BOE had their fields cleaned and rehabilitated immediately after the floods and those fields are in good shape because of that. The Village waited years and is now hoping for a miracle that the field can be saved.

    Maple Park was a $1 million dollar gift to the Village and the maintenance on it is a disgrace. Those turf fields don’t last forever and that field is probably very close to the end of its life. Can’t wait to hear the whining and crying when it comes time to replace it.

  5. More wasted money!

  6. Where’s The Finance Board on this?

  7. yea who will come up with the million or more this time. that place flooded a six times, 41 grand this time, what about all the money we got from fe ma.

  8. Just go to the sport happy people in this town. They wanted the turf so let them run some drives to get some donations! This town has gone down the drain so fast. Lived here 67 years and have never wanted to leave. All that has changed. SO sad.

  9. Put back the grass and plant some trees. It used to be nice there. Children in the neighborhood cried when it was destroyed. Great donation to the town. Thanks.

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